24 October 2014

Memebox Superbox #61 My Cute wishlist 3

Sometimes a box isn't quite what the name says and this box is a good example of that. 
To most this is the 'My cute wishlist box 3' box but to me it is forever to be 'the scary dolly box'.
Or maybe with the film Annabelle at the cinema and halloween coming it is just a case of bad timing.

Shara Shara Fairy's Make Up Synergy Sun Cream SPF PA+++ 30ml ($21)
To me this is the oddest item in the box as it reminds me of a creepy version of a children's bubble bath bottle.
But this one is for adults (which is odd) and is filled with a sun cream that also works to smooth uneven skin tone and texture while being non sticky and light on application.
Will be useful in the summer, despite the unfortunate packaging.

Youngwoosa oh! it's lovely and soft cream 45g ($47)
The only thing that looks cute in terms of this product is the top of the product. But this is a deep hydration cream that will probably be great for my dry skin.

ddung Family Foam Cleansing Cream 120ml (02 Milky) ($12)
The girl on this packaging freaks me out as she is cutesy but alarmingly she has red eyes which is scary. 
But this is a foam cleanser which is packed with milk protein extracts, chamomile flower extracts, lavender extracts, peppermint leaf extracts and rosemary extracts and will gently cleanse the skin.

Shara Shara Kissing Sugar Lip Scrub 10g ($7)
Strangely I quite like the packaging on this product and do actually think this one is probably the cutest product in the box.
It is a natural lip scrub that contains walnut shells and sugar and is also enrichedhoney extracts, avocado oil an vegetable oil to add moisture and nutrients to the lips.
A nice cute item at last.

Hope Girl Tinted Lip Balm 5g ($12)
This is a duplicate iem but thankfully I received strawberry last time and got love peach this time.
It is a nourishing gloss that tints your lips with a beautiful peach colour.
Nice item but not really 'cute'.

Tonymoly Red Cheeks Girl's Patch 1ea ($2)
These are the only other cute item in the box and sadly they are also the least costly of the items in the box.
They are hydro gel cheek patches that will soothe dry cheeks and have a sweet fruity fragrance.

There is my cute wishlist three box and I will not  buy anymore as they seem to be going downhill and not really interested anymore unless four is amazing.


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