31 October 2014

LIpmonthly October 2014 and extras

I have cancelled this box but I am not sure if this is my last or not. It is okay but I like others more.
This is a lip product mystery bag that comes from Canada and is about £8 or £9 a month after p and p and although it has a lot for the money it is only so so for me.
But back to this months bag as well as the three extras that they sent me for doing my youtube reviews.

lol lipgloss in 06 pink grapefruit
This is glittery lipbalm with not an amazing amount of pigmentation. It may as well be clear for my lips.
It is not really for me as it is too light.
This was a review extra.

Revlon Colorburst lipgloss in Sunbaked
This is a duplicate from an earlier bag and although it was an extra it is irritating that they send me a duplicate especially in a rather nasty dark chocolate colour.

City Color Luscious Lips in strawberry sizzle
This is a very light pink lip balm/stick that has a glitter in it and smells like playdoh. Not amazing and my third extra.

J cat beauty fantabulous lipstick in FL107 Honeycrisp
This is one of the dark nudes that are so popular atm and although it looks nice it doesn't really do anything for my skin tone as I am so pale and to be honest the trend isn't really for me as I would prefer wine coloured or purple lips this autumn/winter.
A nice cream lipstick though.

Starlooks Lip Sugar
This smells and looks exactly like brown sugar.
According to the card it is to soften the skin but tbh it is a small pot and I have a couple of lush scrubs I am more likely to use than this one.

devine shimmers pinot noir
This is a beautiful wine coloured lip shimmer that is soft on application but not sticky. It is quite small though.

L.A Girl eyeliner
Not really interested in this as I don't use eyeliner so will give it to my aunt.

Noyah vanilla lip balm
Another meh product in a meh bag. I use lip balms but I have so many that I don't need another and I much prefer the body shop pot lip balms.

So there is my October bag and extras and tbh I am not really interested in this bag. You beauty might not be a lip specialist but provides better value for money.


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