18 October 2014

Memebox Princess Edition #3 Rapunzel

Sometimes I order a box as I am desperately in love with the idea, like the dirty gal box, but sometimes I buy the box as it makes me curious when I have points waiting to be used.
This is firmly in the second category but I am really happy I received this as it is a good box for the money and I will use everything that is in this box.

Elizavecca Collagen Ceramide Coating ProteinTreatment 100ml ($34)
This is an item from a brand that the memefans love and this time instead of a face mask this is a protein treatment that contains collagen, bean protein extracts, ceramide complex, allantoin, hydro wheat protein and vegetable extracts.
According to the card it will give healthy hair by adding deep moisture and give it a glossy finish.
Something I will definitely use as I love to use hair treatments.

Boutique Bebe Hair Salon Vita Clinic Mist 60ml ($24)
This is a hair mist to add moisture to the hair and to add protein.
This contains a mix of argania spinosa kernel oil, lavender extracts, peppermint extracts, chamomile extracts, rosemary extracts and royal jelly extracts.

I have used facial mists before but not hair mists and enjoy them so I am looking forward to using this as my hair could always benefit from more moisture as it can get really dry.

L'CRET Hair Color Keeper Treatment Shampoo 300ml ($42)
Shampoos are always great but not sure I will use this one as it seems to be targetted at dyed hair and my hair, although getting greys, is it's natural colour and for the moment I don't think I will by using dye on it.
But this shampoo has a beautiful citrus and green tea scent and says it can used on dry hair to add moisture and nourish it so I might try it. 
Especially as it contains argan oil and I love argan oil. 

ProYou Scalp Nutrition Calming Moisture Fluid 150ml ($48)
This is a treatment for itchy scalps and dandruff that will soothe and nourish the scalp.
Not really for me to be honest as it really isn't an issue I have.

Tosowoong 10 Hours 25ml ($12)
This is another first for me. A leave in ampoule is new to me but according to the card you put it on then leave it on to work it's magic for the next ten hours.
The card says it will give you shiny and silky hair.
Another great product for my dry hair and in general have enjoyed my tosowoong products.so might enjoy this too.

Sally's box Friendly Argan Hair Mask ($4)
The final item is by a brand I really like and it is a hair mask. I really love hair masks as the treatment seems to work well when applied under a mask. Also add in the fact that this is by Sally's box and this should a slum dunk product for me.
So, there is the Repunzel memebox and I really love this box and will use all but the scalp treatment. 
I also love that despite it being a princess box it isn't too gimmicky.


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