23 October 2014

Memebox special #28 all about eyes

Memebox contacted me at the end of the last month and asked me if I wanted to be 'collaborate' with them which meant they would send me free boxes and this is the first one I got sent was this box, which is the all about eyes box.
(I have included swatches of these products at the bottom of the post)

MDaida Wonder Eye Volume Filler 2.7g ($41)
This is a serum for under the eye which, according the card, has the effect of both brightening the undereye area as well as treating wrinkles. 
I have tried this and like that it adds moiture and in my first ever serum for the eye area.
Will enjoy using this alongside the specialist creams for this area.

Karadium Line Hero Auto Gel Liner Pencil 2.5g ($12) Silver White
I rarely use eye liner but I tried this and I really like the fact that it is white as it brightens the eye area and makes you look wide awake and it is also creamy and soft to apply.

Secret Stargirl S Style 2Set No.11 Lovely Eye ($7)
These I will never use as I don't use false eyelashes especially as mine are very long anyhow. They look nice enough though and aren't too long and would be great for people with thinning or short eyelashes.

Sally's box Friendly Collagen Eye patch 4.5g x 2 ea ($2)
These I will definitely use as so far I have loved all my Sally's box products and I hope these are no different.
These are made from hydrogel and will soothe and add moisture to the undereye area helping it to look fresher.
Look forward to using this.

YniPicture Esque 3 Dots Eyeliner 0.9ml ($9)
This is an interesting eyeliner but not sure I will use it even though it is an interesting concept.as it gives you a three dot print.
This helps to give a better line or you can use it to fill in between lashes.
This has a smooth application and gives a great black line.

MDaida Wonder Pen Concealer SPF45 PA+++ 2.7g ($34)
Another MDaida product and although I like that this is a creamy concealer it is too dark and too beige for me. I also like it is a 45 SPF.
Would be great for someone with darker skin though.

Cheek Room Curl & Volume Mascara 8g ($18)
I have tried this mascara too and was surprised that I really like this mascara.
It has a hour glass brush and gives my lashes extra volume and length and I really like it.

Cheek Room Eye Shadow 5g ($8) 10 Violet.
The final item in the box is another cheek room product and it is a eye shadow that goes on smoothly and is a nice dark colour that would allow you to do a smokey eye with a twist.

Here are the swatches for this box and I really love the variety and how good quality the products were.
This was a great box to review and I thank memebox for sending this free for review to me.


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