8 October 2014

Horror block september 2014

My horror block came on the first of October and this will be the last of my horrorblocks as I think I might sub to the arcade box instead.
But at least this one is a good box with two T shirts and I am happy with my last box.

Rue Morgue Horror Movie Heroes
I don't really read these magazines when they come in the boxes so I am happy to receive this book instead that focuses on movie heroes.
It looks rather interesting.

Savvi Costume Tattoos
A tattoo sheet that will give you the appearance of open sores and cuts is a very interesting product to receive in a box and got little beans interest too. I might well try them out.

Shirtpunch monster chest t shirt
I really like receiving two t shirts and this one is a monster chest but equally looks like a face lol.
I always love the T shurts from this company though as they are great quality and wash and wear well.

NECA Iron Maiden Eddie Mask
This was a great mask but it really smelled of plastic. I really liked it though but as most masks will be it was too small for my husband who has a massive head but it is a lot of fun.

Shirtpunch Tunnel of terror t shirt
The second t shirt was this tunnel of terror t shirt and I love love love it.
Paul will be wearing it though and thankfully he likes it too.

For a box that costs about £18 after fees and exchange rate my last one is great and leaves a really good long lasting impression. I think for horror buffs it is a great box.

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More info can be found here

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