8 February 2014

Wantable February make up box

Things are changing soon for me a small amount on this blog. 
I have to admit I am a little bored of a few of the boxes I have had in the last few months and will probably trade some out for some more obscure ones that offer more for the money.

Some will stay but I really fancy trying other ones and to this end I signed up to Wantable on the 31st January. Also being tried out will be the meme box that is a south korean beauty box.

The concept of the box being reviewed here, Wantable, is very good as you take a style quiz for your desired box, they do three, a make up one, a accessories one or an intimate one, and they ask lots of questions and actually take notice of your answers. If you say you dislike something it will never appear in your box.
Therefore, in my case, with the make up box, I will never receive mascara or eye liners among a few other things.
It is more expensive at just over 31 pounds (or $50.20 dollars for Uk subscribers all in) atm, the price you pay might change with the exchange rate fluctuations and will differ in the other countries they cater too (it is $36 for the USA and slightly different pricing in Canada and Australia too). 
For that price you will receive, in the case of the make up box, 4 to 5 full size items. So that is the other definite bonus as there are no tiddly little sample size items.

My first wantable box came this morning came this morning and I loved the anticipation of watching it moving from the states to here as it is fully track able. 
I mentioned a little while ago they were offering buy one get one free on the first subscriptions from the uk, although you pay shipping, handling and tax, and I was happy I managed to snag that deal. No doubt another review will be done in the next week or so for the accessory box.
Anyway I am drifting off point.
I ordered this on the 31st and it arrived today.

The box looked a bit battered up when it got here but it did quite well, coming from the states.

I love the little band and the leaflet as it detailed my likes and dislikes.

Under these was a leaflet advertising their app, not available on apple App Store in the uk sadly, and there was also a sachet of Sorme fresh start oil free under foundation makeup enhancer that is a makeup primer. I like that it is an extra and not one of my products.
So what was in my box?

These are my four products this month. They are all full sized and are all makeup. They all look nicely packed and I like that the bottom product looks like the stila lip products I received and loved in my advent calendar. 
I also love that there are some unknown brands to me as well as the familiar brands, I know NCla and be a bombshell already and have used their products.
So what are these products?

The first product in my box is a Whip Hand cosmetics lip hit in crave. This is a long wear lip veneer according to the packaging and has 2.3ml of product. It is a shimmery pink and I really love it. I have swatched it a few pictures below so you see what it is like. 
My only really issue with this is that it is very similar to my natural lip colour so it doesn't really seem worth it if I wanted people to know I was wearing a lip product but it is great for an everyday look when I want some colour and moisture but I don't want a darker shade. 
According to my paperwork the rrp of this product is $20.

The next item in the box is the girlactik beauty chic shine in star silver. I really love the packaging, both in terms of the actual product and the outer cardboard box. It is made in the USA.

This is a really beautiful cream highlight colour that has a lovely shimmer and it is soft and non greasy on application. I love that it has a mirror inside it as well as it makes it feel more luxurious.
My only really issue with it is that sometimes when I open it I end up putting my finger in it and you end up with a huge dent in it as it is a really soft product.
It has a rrp of $18.

The next product is the be a.... bombshell the one stick in southern belle. According to the leaflet it is an all in one product for eyelids, cheeks or lips with a smooth creamy texture.
This is a red colour with a slight orange undertone.
This is probably the product I like least in my box. I would find it too red as a blusher and wouldn't use it on my eyelids and in terms of lips I prefer the lip hit.
It has a rrp of $16.

Here are the samples of the three products above. On the left is the one stick, the middle is the highlighter and on the right is the lip hit.

The final item in my box is a NCLA Los Angeles '5 - free' luxury nail lacquer in Laurel Canyon Lolita. It is a beautiful purple colour.

It has no formaldehyde, DBP, toluene, camphor or animal testing. It has a wonderful thick texture which makes it easier to apply and hubby loves darker colours so he is happy with this and I won't hear him moaning like he did earlier this week when I wore a very pale pink.
This has a rrp of $16.

I paid just over £31 all in for this box and I have to admit when I first looked in the box I was disappointed but after looking at the products in my detail I am really happy as I will probably use all the products in this box, unlike some of the other boxes I have received recently.
I particularly love the lip hit and the nail lacquer and the highlighter will definitely get used after I have used up my so Susan one.

I really look forward to my next box.

Hope you are having a lovely day and life is treating you nice. What did you think of my box? Did you get your own, and if so, what did you get?

Leave your comments below and I will get back to you.

My personal invite link for this site is here if you want to try it for yourself.


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