3 February 2014

January 2014 favourites

These are my January favourites. 
I can't believe it is February now. 
Looking at them I realise only one I paid full price for which amuses me. 
Most were new to me in January but I really love them as they were good finds or will in gaps in my stash.

First is my Mark Hill hair dryer that I got in my boots haul. It was only six pounds and I really love it as after a long time of not owning a hair dryer this has become an essential. Such a great buy and I love the flowers and hearts patterns.

Next is my favourite of the revlon Colorburst lip butters I have bought this month. After seeing that so many youtubers loved these I had to buy these and this is one is in the shadeTutti Frutti. 
On a side note is think I might be addicted to YouTube and I blame it for lots of my purchases.

Tutti Frutti is a beautiful coral shade and I love love love it if I want a more natural look, rather than the lipstick I also have in this blogpost.

The next favourite is my Xenca perfection lipstick in the shade cherry. I really love this lipstick and have done a blogpost on it to share the love. So silky and a vivid red, it really can't be beat.

The next item is my mua undressed eyeshadow palette. As you can see it I have used it quite a bit and I love that it has a mix of matte and shimmer shades. 
My only issue is that the colours don't have names as I desperately need shade six in a larger pot as it is a beautiful colour.
I will definitely be doing a blogpost on this palette in the future as it is a bargain for £4 and great for those on a strict budget that want colour options.

Another boots sale haul purchase and it is the Taylor by Taylor Swift perfume. It is a lovely floral scent and I really love that it is a classic but fun scent. I got it in a gift set at 70% off and I love it as it is great for everyday wear and smells divine.

The next item is the first ever primer I have used and it is halfway gone already. I received it in this months Birchbox and it is the POREfessional by benefit. 
A little goes a long way and I can tell the difference when I wear it as everything looks a lot more flawless as it glides over the lumps and bumps and gets my skin ready for my Rimmel London wake me up foundation, which I still love and use in 100 ivory.

Next is a lip balm from The Body Shop and it is their mango lip butter and I love the texture and how buttery it is. I got in my second body shop sales haul and I have used a fair amount in the short time I have had it. Might try a few more when my 'no shop' is over.

Next is something else I reviewed this month and it is mint lavender hand cream by Greenland. It is a beautiful texture and the mint smell is beautiful as it reminds me of the scent of chewing gum and smells really clean and fresh.
Although, if you hate mint you will hate the smell of this hand cream as the mint does dominate.

Next is the nail colour that is currently on my nails. 
It is the Essie nail lacquer in the shade 'pink about it'. I love how pink it is and although hubby doesn't like it as he prefers darker shades I love how girly and cheery it is and it is really easy to apply and lasts a very long time without chips, especially with my O.P.I top coat over the top of it.
I bought it just after Christmas in a sales haul and I love love love it.

Next is the dr lipp nipple balm for lips that has been great for lips in this horrible weather. I have used it almost as an overnight mask for my lips and it, along with the lip butter by body shop, has kept my lips soft and supple. 
A great product and I am glad I have few tubes of this to use it and they will last a while as a little goes a long way. This was from my advent calendar and I also have a few smaller tubes from beauty boxes but will buy more when I run out.

Next is a cleanser that blows me away. 
I honestly thought it was a fluke how well it cleared up my skin but it wasn't a fluke at all. I stopped using it during my injury but now I am back on it I am feeling a lot better in terms of the clarity of my skin. My legs still hurt though.
This is the Face Soap and Clarity 3 in 1 daily detox vitamin c facial wash and I will repurchase so I can use it after my other cleansers. It leaves my skin blemish free and so soft and supple I want to cry as it is so good.
I was not a fan when I first tried it but as of now if I had to marry a cleanser it would be this one.
Even better when I bought it it was on discount.
I really think my favourite words are sale or discount.

The final item in my favourites this month is the peppermint cooling foot lotion by the body shop. I love the intense peppermint smell and I have been using it as an overnight mask for my feet, or covering it with socks during the day when I am not going out. 
It has left them soft and supple and can turn even my large knarly feet into a dream.
A blissful product with great effects and a bewitching smell.

So, there are my favourites for January 2014. What have you been loving this or have you loved any of these products recently, or indeed hated them. Comment below with your opinion.
Thank you for reading.

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