24 February 2014

Meme box sixth edition

My sixth edition memebox came this morning and it was a little bit of a surprise as it came really fast and the man rang my bell at half seven this morning. 
Poor guy almost got a mouthful as I thought hubby had rang the bell instead of using his keys after a night shift but I was happy to see him as normally parcelforce comes after noon.
I really liked my 5-2 box and after seeing spoilers on makeup talk I am guessing I will love this one too.

I love these pink boxes as they are so girly and I love all things girly.

This box is nicely full and mostly skincare so I am over the moon. 
So, what is in my box?

The first item in my box is the silky and shiny foot mask by Cettua that is a sock application and probably the most interesting product I have seen for a while and I really look forward to using it. 
According the back of the pack it soften calluses and moisturises feet, leaves feet smooth and refreshes and releases tiredness from my feet so would be great for this tired mum.
This is worth $2.50 and has one application in it.

The next product is the Oneday whitener by Nella Fantasia. 
I have to admit this product scares me as I definitely don't need my skin whitened. I also worry about the harm that comes from some whitening products but according to the card this only brightens and clarifies your skin. It also hydrates your skin and leaves the complexion clear and flawless. This will be great for my dry skin and will be an interesting product to use. 
This is a 40ml deluxe sample size, full size is 120ml, and worth $8.66.

The next product is the Kerasys Salon Care Professional Moringa miracle essence. I am so excited about this as I am loving hair oils at the moment and according to the leaflet this treatment provides amazing shine and helps damaged dry hair so it is perfect for my extremely long hair as it is both of these characteristics.
I will try this after my morroccanoil is finished.
This is full sized and worth $13.50.

Next is the O'sum Aloe Vera Soothing Mist. This is an intriguing product as it can be used before or after make up or can be used on it's own. According to the leaflet it is a make up fixing spray and I have never used one before so look forward to trying it as apparently it even works in extreme conditions.
This is full sized and is worth $15.

This is a repeat product in the box but not a repeat for me as I only started getting these boxes with 5-2 so never got the early boxes. This is the Recipe by Nature Spray Essence Water. This sounds like a toner to me and I find my toners run out fast so this is much appreciated. 
This is full sized and worth $35, so more than my whole box.

This is the first of two samples of bb creams in this box. This one is the Hanskin Bio Origin Wrinkle Talk B.B SPF30 PA++. This is very dark on application but blended into the skin leaving it looking tanned but not orange like some bb creams do. I will probably stash this until the summer and use this then to stop me looking like a lobster like I did last year after I burnt really badly. 
Definitely not a good look. 
This is a 10ml sample and worth $9.75.

This is the second bb cream and is the Dr Jart+ Rejuvenating BB silver label SPF35/PA++. 
This tube was filled with little product and had a lot of air in it. It has a very brown colour and a little would definitely go a long way to match my skin tone as I am so fair. I also find it sticky and oil in application and prefer the other bb cream so probably won't use it unless I ran out the others I have in my stash.
If my maths is correct this sample is worth $4.64 but I very much doubt there was 8ml in this sample tube. My least favourite skincare in this box and I wouldn't repurchase and I am sad about that as dr Jart is supposed to be amazing. 

The last product in my box was the item that was switched in the 6-2 box and another duplicate from an earlier box. This the Laneige Snow Crystal Pure Lipgloss in Veil Rose.
Although I haven't got this before I feel very sore the people who got 6-2 got a serum worth more than this lip gloss and I feel hard done by. 
In my opinion this lip gloss is nothing really special and I prefer to receive skincare. With a disappointing  almost empty bb cream this further irritates me.

As you can see it is rose coloured gloss and as my lips are highly pigmented not really something I would wear.
This is a sample size and worth $12, although I wouldn't pay the approximately eight pounds this works out as for this product that only contains 3 grams of product.

I have to admit I really like this box and it is a lot better than most of the British boxes but I dislike a quarter of the products. A lipgloss and a one squirt and it is over bb cream have soured this box slightly but it is cushioned by some great looking skin, body and hair care products. 
I really hope they don't duplicate loads in the future, unless it is the cheese cream, and having such a difference in boxes also irritates me as I would have loved a serum rather than a not special lip gloss.

The box is worth $101.05, if my maths is correct, which is great as it is only $29.95 including postage, so just under twenty uk pounds. I really love memebox so far in general and look forward to my other boxes.


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