28 February 2014

Degustabox February 2014

My third degustabox box arrived today and I was very excited as I had saw other peoples boxes yesterday and knew what was going to arrive so knew, in advance, that I was going to love it.

This was the sight when I opened the box. 
So, what was in there?

The first item excited my husband as there were three packets of tyrells apple crisps with two in perfectly plain and one in smashingly cinnamony. They look really great and hubby will probably take them to work with him and then I can get his opinion, alternatively my little one will eat them as he loves apples.
These cost £1.15 each so are worth £3.45.

Next is two packets of ryvita thin bites. Hubby tried the cheddar & black pepper ones and said they had a strong black pepper taste and Edward seemed to enjoy them. We also received a packet of the sweet chilli variety.
They are worth £1.89 each so are worth £3.88 for the two.

Next are two products by Soreen and on the left is a Soreen toastie loaf and on the right is a pack of five lunchbox loaves in a banana variety. 
I haven't tried the loaf yet but the banana lunchbox loaves are yummy and I ate one with my lunch. They are carefully balanced between banana and maltloaf and as I love both flavours I am delighted. If I saw these in Asda it would buy so a good thing to give me in a box.
They had a combined cost of £2.74.

These are the Scheckters organicenergy drinks in the lite and original varieties. I really enjoyed these and drank these this morning and they left me with a great zing. These are 100% natural and I really love them. I would definitely buy them again.
These are worth £1.35 each so £2.70 in total.

Next were two packets of bahlsen snacks.
First are five of there new pick up! Bars that are crisp biscuits with chocolate paste sandwiched between. These are very delicious and I have eaten one after my dinner tonight. So yummy.
They are worth £1.60.
Also we received a pack of their waffeletten which are wafers wrapped in chocolate at one end. Both my husband have enjoyed these, in fact Edward enjoyed them so much I had to baby wipe his face.
These are worth £1.65.

Next is a jar of the English provender co. Redcurrant sauce with rosemary that will used as an accompaniment for chicken when we have roast dinners in the future. It looks really deluxe and I look forward to trying it.
It is worth £2.

Next is a jar of the English provender co. In Damson & port chutney. I love chutney and will probably use this in cheese sandwiches.
Worth £1.60.

The finally product in this box is a jar of Peppadew Piquante Peppers in whole & sweet mild. I will probably use these as snacks or with omelettes as I love peppers and would be great for Edward too as he loves fruit and veg. 
Worth £3.

So, there are the contents of my degustabox this month. I really like that most items are snacks and there is nothing I hate and a nice mix between supermarket brands I know and some gourmet. The contents are worth £22.62 if my maths are correct and that is great value.
I look forward to next months.

If you would like to sign up you can use my link here and get five pounds off your first box.

Hope you are having a lovely day.


  1. I've eaten all mine. I called it the snack box. Love these boxes as at least you will eat it all. Or the son will .

    1. I really liked this box and much preferred it to the month before. In fact I loved it so much I resubbed after cancelling. This box gives us something new to try that we can get easily and isn't too gourmet for us.