15 February 2014

Glossybox February 2014

My February glossybox came early morning, my Hermes lady is ace btw, and after last weeks ridiculous box I was looking forward to seeing if this one was as bad or if last months was unusually bad.

The box is valentines themed, which is stupid as they knew we wouldn't get it until after valentines day. I like the box but I don't like how shiny it is as I preferred the matte boxes.

But what did it look like inside.

These are my products. To be honest it is a bit of an anticlimax but I love the packaging on the product on the right. I know I have the nail varnish already and won't use it and there are two eye products I can't use as my eyesight is very bad and the body shimmer don't appeal to me. You can't see it but there was also a Lindt milk chocolate bar in it, like the ones I got free in my asos orders, and I enjoyed that.

But what were all the products.

First is the Toni and Guy creative stick it up gum. 
Really, gel? I have hair down my back and I would never use this type of product. It might be full sized but I would never use it. Love the packaging though.
The rrp on this £7.20.

Next is a full sized ciate London paint pot in kiss chase. Although it is the second full sized product it doesn't excite me. I have lots of polishes in this shade and not really interested in it.
This has a rrp of £9.

Next is also full sized and this is a new maybelline master kohl khol liner in pitch black. I like this is full sized but this is my second eye liner of the month in boxes and I can't use them. It has a rrp of £5.99.

Next is a 100ml bottle of nougat sparkling body shimmer in cherry blossom. To be honest the packaging looks cheap but it is supposed to be a premium brand. It smells nice on application and is hydrating but I can't see the shimmer to be honest.
This is worth £5.60.

Next are a pair of false eyelashes by eldora in h158. Not interested in these either and I wouldn't wear them and to me they are very over the top. These have a price of £4.30.

This was my extra this month and it is a Lindt Lindt treat bar. It was delicious and my third one as I got a couple with my asos order. This has a rrp of 79p.

So all in all a good box in terms of value of products but I will only probably use two products as the nail varnish doesn't really interest me as ciate chips quite easily and I already have this colour, the gel is little use to me and I can't use the two eye products. 
The body shimmer will join my body creams and I will use it and the chocolate is delicious so it wasn't a complete train wreck but it is likely I will only do two more boxes.

All in all the contents were worth £32.88 if my maths are correct. Not really tailored to me though so the worth doesn't really excite me as some of the pics on the glossybox page showed eyeshadow and I was hoping for that or a lipstick.

Hope next months suits me better.

Hope you are all doing well and everything is good where you are. Have a lovely day.


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  1. I also don't use eyeliner very often because of my eyesight and like you this will be my second this month. I'm still waiting for my box but if gtp the same as yours I am definitely cancelling :-(

  2. I will buy next months then get Aprils on dots then cancel probably. So upset others got lipstick and realise this is why I prefer wantable.

    1. I loathe false eyelashes and black eyeliners and I have very sensitive skin so can't use things with sparkles etc in. Disappointed!

  3. Ooooh, I like the chocolate. Chocolate and makeup should always go together!

  4. I agree. Just sad I can't use the make up in this box.