28 February 2014

February 2014 empties (warning - long post)

Not sure what happened this month but my empties went potty so I will only do small reviews for each of my empty products as otherwise I will be here forever and my blogposts are backing up as I have been lazy and my birthday presents are coming in pre birthday so I have a lot to do before my march boxes start.

Also, been reading and writing my second novel in the series I started for NANOWRIMO so been busy busy busy on non beauty stuff.
Anyway, back to my review.

My first empty this month is the Tresemme moisture rich luxurious moisture conditioner in a 900ml. I got this from Asda months ago for two pounds and it was took my about four or five months to finish this using it twice a week on my waist length thick hair. 
I really love the value and quality of this brand and have two more bottles this size so I have enough shampoo and conditioner, including other ones as well as the Tresemme ones, to last me a year or more.
A great product and I recommend it. I think it currently sells at Asda for two pounds fifty still, although the offer will probably end soon.

This picture has, from left to right, the following empties:

Bamboo smooth kendi oil dry oil mist - I really love this product and I am currently using up the one I bought in my second advent calendar. Although it helps it doesn't make my frizzy hair completely non candy floss like but it works a bit. 
It makes my hair really soft when I blowdry though and helps protect my hair from the heat of my hair dryer, having found my hair dryer use makes my hair less like a poodle perm. Gosh, I wish poodle perms were in fashion as I would be totally in fashion.

Body shop Peppermint cooling foot lotion - I love the smell of this and it leaves my feet soft and smooth. I got this in my half price bag before Christmas and it lasted well and will get more after I use my soap and glory heel genius as I prefer the smell of this product and body shop are nearly always forty percent off or half price making it a complete bargain.

Soap & glory clean on me - this was a sample in a bag I got in the Boxing Day sale when I was with Paul's family in Durham over Christmas. The bag is being used for my nail varnishes at the moment and this is the first product used it from it.
I used this in the shower in Durham then in the bath here in Birmingham and I really loved how creamy it was and how fresh it smelled and I would definitely use it again if in a bag but at the moment I wouldn't buy more as I have bath products coming out of my eyes.
Well not really, but just feels like it.

Espa hydrating cleansing milk - I used this during the early days of this month following my flying leap accident that occurred late last month. Yes, I know, I am idiot!
This was a nice stopgap when I couldn't walk, and certainly not stand long enough to use my soap and glory face soap and glory. 
A nice product but I much prefer my gel to cream cleansers at the moment.

Espa hydrating floral spa fresh - this was used the same time as the cleansing milk as a toner and was a nice toner with a pleasant toner. It is fine but not amazing and at the moment I have enough toner for a few months so don't need to purchase any more toner for a while.

These are my next five empties, from left to right:

Trilogy Rosapene night cream - this is my second pot of this product and I really loved using it. I love rosehip and rose scents and the scent of this is great.
I loved it but have to admit the one I am using now I much prefer so probably wouldn't buy this again as the other one suits me better and costs less money.

Nip + fab dry leg fix - I have a huge stash and this product was lost in my stash for a while until I got another of these in this months love me beauty box. This product is intensely moisturising with a fruity zesty fresh scent that I really love. I can't wait to use my second one and will buy more if I manage not to lose my second in my stash.

Neo stem serum - when I finished this I wanted to cry. Really wanted to break down as I would never be able to afford it but I got it in my youbeautydiscovery box months ago and it made my skin soft and flawless. 
It costs almost £60 but in my eyes it is completely worth it but with a toddler I can't justify buying it. 
But, my last words on this product would be wow wow wow.

Olay essentials refreshing toner - this is just another toner. It was nothing special and to be honest it doesn't really knock me out or make me desperate to repurchase. 

Onyx professional remove it! Acetone polish remover wacky watermelon- was great and amazingly effective. I had less issues with glitter polishes when using this remover but the smell did have a slightly narcotic like effect. I wish it didn't do that as other than that I really liked using it.

The next five empties are, from left to right:

Beekind body lotion- I love the honey scent of this gel like body lotion. It was extremely moisturising and I love that this supports honey bee and pollination research with part of the profits. I got this with a birchbox and loved using it.

Anatomicals No old bags allowed eye gel- this visible decreased wrinkles and was a lot better than their eye patches. I received it in a beauty box, but can't remember which one, and enjoyed using it but will probably not buy it again as I have others to use.

Vichy idealia life serum- I know that this is a cult much hyped product but I have used a few of these samples and they don't wow me. Not as good as the neo stem and I don't think I would repurchase, especially as I get so many serums in boxes.

Glamglow youthmud tinglexfoliate treatment- I have a review of this and I love love love it. Hubby told me he will get me more from Edward for Mother's Day as I love it so much and I love love love him for that. 15g gave me three applications but on reflection it possibly would have stretched to four as the third was a thick application. 
I can't use this when my son is around as he gets upsets I have mud on my face but other than that it is perfect and I love that it has a lasting effect.

Dr lipp. Original nipple balm for lips- this is a thick waxy lip balm that has an odd yellow colour and I really really love it. 
I have lots of samples of this from various boxes and also have full sized ones from my advent calendar so I have enough to keep me in nipple balm for a while.
Would really recommend as it really moisturises my lips and the sample sinks into the lips so isn't too greasy after application.

The next five empties are, from left to right:

Matriskin technology vitamin c 5% serum - This was great when I used it. I really looked forward to using it as I received it in a different box at an earlier time but I never got to use it as it took a flying leap into my chest of drawers and had a good function of softening the fabric on the inside of the drawers.
So, I was happy to receive it in another box and tbh it was nowhere as good as the serum I am currently using by the body shop or neostem.

Weleda skin food - this is my go to eczema treatment cream and it makes an amazing difference to my dry skin and eczema. It is very thick and a little goes a long way and has only natural ingredients and an amazing citrus smell. 
I really really love this and have loads left to use as it is often in beauty boxes. I will, however, buy again as it is amazing.

S5 illuminate serum - I love love their calm serum but this one wasn't for me. I suppose I wasn't the ideal user as I don't have hyper pigmentation but I didn't really find it particularly moisturising either. Would buy the calm one if on sale but not this one.

Aromatherapy associates revive morning bath and shower oil- this only did one bath and I much prefer their calm ones as I only bath after my son is in bed and this one was too invigorating as it is meant to revive you in the morning.

Cinq mondes spa Paris hamman rituals roses petal rain - this was amazing but I won't be getting it again as I like my sanity so will never buy from betrousse again.
I am currently trying to get a refund from them as order Christmas Eve and still haven't received the goods. 
The product is a moisturiser spray and I love that it is so easy to use and the smell is amazing as I love rose scented products.
Total amazing.

The last six empties are, from left to right:

Molton Brown London pink pepperpod body wash- this was really zingy and spicy scent and I loved it. In the future I definitely see myself buying this again, or the body cream as it was such an incredible scent. It sticks to the skin after you bathe too and according to the side of the bottle it is pink pepper with ginger and patchouli and thankfully for me the patchouli doesn't dominate.
It might be expensive but it is well worth it.

Lush the comforter- this is one of their bubble bars and I love it as the scent is fruity and milky and I love that a little goes a long way so cost per bath is really low if I ration it. I have had this for just under two months so it lasted a while as I used it between using other things. 
My favourite lush product alongside the butterball.

Kopi kiawamaruru, Kenya coffee - I received this in December. I had a three months sub for this company and I love this coffee as it is really mellow and really fruit.
Great to keep me wide awake when looking after my hyperactive toddler.

Nspa melting cleansing gel - I really enjoyed this but much prefer my soap and glory as the particles in it exfoliate my skin and improve the quality of my skin. This was great though and would recommend to anyone wanting something less abrasive.

Pact passeio natural - another coffee pouch and I really enjoyed this and I reveiwed this on this blog at earlier date as it was really mellow with chocolatey flavours.

Roques oneil therapies Himalayan detox salts - these were in my advent calendar and I didn't really like them as I felt like they did nothing and weren't enjoyable to use. I wouldn't buy again.

So, there are my empties this month and I hope I didn't bore you too much. Some great products used up though and some not so great products.
Off to bin them though and hoping for a few less next month.
Hope you are having a good day. You used anything good recently? Want to recommend anything? If so, comment below and I always try to reply.


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