11 February 2014

Love ME beauty February 2014

This month I will get it correct, lol. Noticed an error on last months post beginning of this month and had to correct it but hopefully won't do it this month.

This is my February love ME beauty box. Love ME beauty, formerly beauteco, is definitely one of the most bang for your buck beauty boxes at the moment and this month doesn't disappoint. It is all hair, body and skin care for me this month and I am over the moon about that. 
This box is different as you can pick your box or take a surprise box so you have some control over your box.

These are my items this month. I got three full sized and I am over the moon at getting the nip fab dry leg fix. My last one is almost out and it smells and is really great.
I got box 3 as I didn't want the vitamins.
So what were my products and what did I think?

My first item is my mystery item and it was the nip + fab dry leg fix. I love the scent of this as it smells really fruity and it sinks into my skin nicely. My legs are left shiny and soft and it is great. 
I will definitely buy it again as this is a really useful product. 
A nice bonus to it is that it left my hands soft too and now all I can smell is the fruit scent.
This retails at £10.25 and will amazing in the summer if my legs make an appearance as they will look fab after I use this.

The next item in my box is the Percy & Reed London hair no fuss flawlessness dry conditioner. I look forward to using to tomorrow as I washed my hair last night and it is super soft today anyhow. Have used it by spraying on my brush, though, and it smells like the salon, if you know what I mean.
It is a bit odd to be a conditioner not a shampoo but I look forward to using it as in general my hair isn't as soft as I want, whereas my hair never tends to get too greasy.
The rrp on this is £12 and it is full sized.

The final full sized item in this box is a multi purpose pocket balm by The Bakewell Soap Company in lavender & lemon. It smells heavily like lavender and I will try this on my eczema on my hand to see it helps as it is supposed to be soothing hydration for lips, hands, nail and body.
To be honest I am glad I no longer get migraines from lavender, getting pregnant stopped that, as that would give me a stinker. If you love lavender you will love this. 
The rrp on this is £3.95 which is a bargain.

This is the first sample size in my box and it is the Dr Bragi age management moisturiser. Dr Bragi is a cult brand in skin care and one I could never experience in full size as it is too expensive. I look forward to using it. 
Complete nightmare to open so I can't tell you what it is like right now. I loved the mirror inside of the box as well as it is so funky. I think I might be easily pleased, tbh.
This 5ml size has a rrp of £15. Wow.

The final item in my box is 1fl oz of La Claree gentle cleansing milk. This is another brand out of my financial reach as the full sized is £15 but I am on a cleanser kick atm so I look forward to trying, and possibly reviewing it.
It has no real smell to it and it looks thick and creamy and I love the little bottle.
The sample is worth about £3.

So that was my February box and I am really happy with it. The contents are worth £44.45 if my maths are correct and this is excellent value for a box that is £10 plus p and p. 
As I have already mentioned I will being doing a cull of some of my boxes but this won't be on the culling list if they keep up with this quality and with boxes that are worth so much.
My sign up link is here if you want to sign up. I'd say at the moment I definitely recommend it.

Hope you are having a lovely day and the weather is okay where you are. If you have this box, what did you think?
Enjoy your day.

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