12 February 2014

Wantable accessories box February 2014

My first ever wantable accessories box came today and I was ever so excited to receive it as I have been following my parcels journey over the internet. This was my free box where I only paid postage so I decided to purchase a box I would never normally purchase as I normally buy make up boxes.

But it arrived quickly and now I can show you what I got.

As I said in the make up box review I love the little paper slip and this one has a different quite and this one is from Sophia Loren and reads,
"Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful."

Well now I have shared the wisdom here is the review.

In the box were these three little pouches with two big ones and a small one. I love these pouches and think they radiate quality, but what is inside?
After all, what is inside is what really matters.

My first item is the Linna bracelet that has a rrp of $15.  This is my favourite jewellery piece in this box and  it has beautiful hearts on it as well as tiny leaf. It is very piece in the box and is simple and elegant. 
Best thing in the box in my opinion and I will wear this.

The next item is a long black metal chain with this pendant on the end of it. It is called the jettie necklace and I have to admit I really don't like the design or the neon yellow accent stones. It does nothing for me and I probably won't wear it and will regift it.
Sorry to be harsh but it is the truth.
It has a rrp of $20.

In the final bag were two pairs of earrings. On the right is the Daisy Blue earrings and on the left is the Bena earrings. The daisy blue ones have a rrp of $16 and the Bena ones have a rrp of $18.

These are the daisy blue earrings and they are pretty but not too out there and they don't get lost in my long hair. I also like them as they aren't too heavy but are statement pieces and don't get lost when my hair is down.

These are the Bena earrings and are more dangly than the others are also quite pretty. I really like them and look forward to wearing them as statement pieces.

So that was my first wantables accessories box and although I really love the bracelet and think the earrings are nice I will probably pause this subscription for now as I wasn't blown away by the items.

I really enjoyed the make up box but this box isn't for me.

Hope you are having a lively day and all is okay where you are.


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