18 February 2014

Meme box 5-2 edition

I have to admit to be slightly over a lot of the British boxes. They either have reoccurring products or are terrible, apart from a few exceptions, so I have started to look at foreign boxes to get some variation. 
This is my second foreign box this month and it is the memebox #5-2. 
Meme box is mainly skincare and it is from Korea. I saw it on YouTube and wanted to try it myself and this is my first box from them, although I have a few on preorder too.

It arrived in an outer bag but inside is this beautiful pink box. I love the colour and it arrived really fast since it was only shipped from Korea last week.

So, what was inside?

These are the contents of this box. It cost me $29.99 including postage, so just under twenty pounds, and has quite a few items inside it.

The first sample in my box is a 7 sample pack of lipozone body ampoule. According to the leaflet they increase the skin firmness and reduce fat cells and cellulite. Sound great in my opinion and not something I have ever seen before.
Worth about $16.

The next item in my box is 50ml of the CNP laboratory cleansing perfecta. This is a cleansing gel for waterproof makeup, bb cream and sun block. It looks quite interesting and is a good size sample for me to try out. 
This is worth about $7.66.

The next item in my box is a 100ml tube of Derma:B daily moisture body lotion. 
According to the leaflet this provides twenty four hours of hydration and leaves the skin softer and smoother. Also it has an ingredient, phytoncide, that calms irritated or reactive skin. 
Seems us scented in my opinion and is a thick and creamy body cream.
This is worth about $4.

Next is a full size item. This is 30ml of Nuganic Customize Pore Control Essence. This is supposed to reduce the size of dial acted pores and also helps control blackheads and pimples. From the description it sounds like a serum.
This has a rrp of $46.

Next is the aromatica tasteless aroma therapy roll on. It is a mix of oils and it smells really relaxing and makes me relax when used on the pulse points on my wrists.
This has a rrp of $15.

The next item is an envelope containing three physiogel foil sample packets. They are 10ml of cleanser, 3ml of intensive repair cream and finally 3ml of cream.

The next item is two foil samples by leaders and they are uv moist sun gel and a cc cream.

This item is the last of the foil samples are they are by Dear jane and are their touch the silk velvet primer and their gleam on you shimmer base, so two samples of primers I think.

The next item is the Panier Sens liquid Marseilles soap in hydrating rose. This is a liquid cleanser and I love rose products so look forward to using it.
It is worth about $2.

The last item in my box is a loreal Paris shine caresse dazzling shine fresh moisture light weight lip colour in 702 Juliette.

It is in this beautiful silver packaging and has a useful applicator that provides more effective application.

As you can see, on my lips it is a very vibrant red and although it isn't a shade I would normally wear I love it. The shade also stays really well and is nice as I normally wear matte and this shade makes my lips look luscious.
This has a rrp of $16.

So that was my first memebox and I really liked what was in it. All the products look great and I love that it is mainly skincare as I am rather skin care obsessed. 
Really looking forward to my next box too now.

More info on memebox can be found here.


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