6 February 2014

Glamglow youthmud review

First take one haggard mother. 
After two days of hubby working days, seven until seven, I often look like this and it is truly scary what chasing after a toddler all day does to your energy levels and to your skin.

Add the glamglow youthmud tinglexfoliate treatment mask and turn into camp girl. All ready for the army games I think. 
I received it in this box.

According to the youbeautydiscovery booklet this is a home mud treatment that has the effect of giving you camera ready super radiant skin. 
I reserve judgement until I have used it though to see what effect it has on his haggard mother rather than the effect it has on celebrities, as I know this is a cult product in America.
I also worry it may harm my sensitive skin as I have had issues with some products like the lush face masks.

The ingredients are fairly easy to read, which is a bonus, with things like volcanic minerals, French sea clay and purified clay in the mask as well as green tea leaves in it, which are the leaf bits stuck on my face in the pictures. 
I really like that it is a fairly natural mask as I am less likely to have a reaction to natural ingredients.

Ten minutes later I am no longer camo girl and it dries and you can feel that it has tightened the skin. Now off to use the exfoliating particles by massaging it in circular movements when I remove it with warm water.

I can definitely feel a difference as my skin is a lot tighter and personally I think you can see a noticeable difference in the before and after pictures. The skin feels really soft and tight and I love the sensation.
I am also really happy that it hasn't affected my really sensitive skin as I was slightly worried it would.

It would be great as an occasional treat in my opinion and I would love to receive it as a gift but I would be unlikely to buy it all the time as the price is too high for me, but the effects justify the price in my opinion. I'll have to see how it does over the next days though.

I also want to see how it does after using the rest as I probably have two more treatments in that small tube as a little went a long way.
All in all a great product and I am so happy I used it and so far it is the best mask I have used, although it is also the most expensive. 
I will definitely buy again though and would recommend to other people.

Thank you for reading. Have you tried this mask and have an opinion or can suggest any you want me to try and review? Can you see the difference in the pics or am I dreaming? 
Add a comment at the bottom and I will try to reply.
I hope you having a lovely day today and I haven't bored you too much.


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