24 February 2014

Cettua silky and shiny foot mask review.

Hubby is gone for work for the night so I have decided to try out these foot masks tonight. These are by Cettua and are supposed to give me soft and moisturised feet. 
They contain urea, salicylic acid, be tone, Shea butter and peppermint oil and are alcohol, paraben, PEG and pigment free as well as being hypo allergenic.

They are plastic socks with a paper insert with oils enclosed and they are tightened with the paper stickers.

It isn't the most pleasant sensation putting this on my feet as it feels moist and slightly warm. A bit like putting it in warm mud but if it deals with my feet I am okay with this feeling, especially as after a while the yuckiness dissipates as the oils work into your skin.

The stickers to secure the socks, however, are nigh on useless so I have to keep feet upright so I don't leak the socks contents all over my bed, which is not ideal.

After half an hour I removed these and binned them and my feet felt slippy, slidey and soft and I really love the peppermint smell and it was oddly relaxing.
It is unlikely I will use them again as they are a Korean product but I really love them.
I would definitely recommend.


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