15 February 2014

Souk souk February 2014

My souksouk February 2014 box turned up today and I was really excited to see it here as it was only dispatched yesterday and they said we had an extra valentines treat.

As last month I love the magazine and this month it focuses mainly on skin are which I like as I prefer skin and body care to cosmetics.

Underneath the magazine was a pack of lavender sleep patches. According to the packaging these remove waste and promote relaxation. They are patches that you apply to the ball of your feet while you sleep. I might try these tonight.
The trial pack we received has a rrp of £3.99.

Under the patches were the rest of the products. To be honest nothing really excites me like last month's lipstick but unlike my glossybox I can, and will, use it all as I like trying out new skin and body care products and the chocolate won't last long.

This was the extra in my box and was consumed very fast. I really enjoyed it and have eaten this brand before when I ate my paleo diet before Christmas. I really enjoyed receiving this as they are quite expensive but to be honest I couldn't afford to eat them exclusively.

This is the conscious skin care grapefruit and cedarwood body wash that was 'lovingly made in Britain'  according to the packaging. It smells nice and refreshing and like the rest of my body washes it will probably be used as a bubble bath. I like that the sample had an easy to read ingredients list and most ingredients were natural or organic.
This 50ml sample is worth about £3.20.

The next item is the conscious skincare grapefruit and cedarwood body lotion that was also 'lovingly made in Britain.' It smells the same as the body wash and I find the scent very fresh and pleasing. It also has a very clear ingredient list and leaves my skin feeling soft and the scent seems to stick to the skin well.
This 50ml sample is worth about £3.40.

The next item is the Living Nature active manuka honey & kumerahou vitalising cleanser. This is 100% natural and smells nice and I like receiving cleansers as I am trying them out for this blog so another is definitely not unwelcome. I like that is also suitable for sensitive skin and it shouldn't upset my skin due to the natural ingredients.
This 10ml sample is worth £1.94 and due to its texture I should get at least two applications from it. 

The last sample in my box is the Living Nature Deep Cleansing Mask.  I will use this tonight and do a picture review. I really like masks at the moment and like that this is another natural product. I will reserve judgement but I might buy this if it is any good.
The sample is worth £2.23.

I have to admit when I opened the box it was a bit of an anticlimax but I think good things do come in small packages with this box. The contents were worth £14.76, not including the chocolate, which isn't as much as the glossybox but I think these products are much better quality and I will use everything in here. 
I look forward to next month,


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