11 February 2014

Fell off the wagon.... My boots haul

I have been on a no spend kick since mid January but I fell off the wagon yesterday when we went to Boots.

I needed some mouthwash and eye make up remover and ended up using some of my saved money on a few items. 

I managed to get most of my items on deals from the advantage card machine and I am very happy with what I bought, although I should have brought my 'want to purchase' list so I didn't get so confused in store and spend lots more money on things I never meant to buy.

These are the items I bought yesterday as well as baby wipes and a couple of meal deals. I only went in for  two items and after looking at the computer I got 6 items costing just over twenty pounds as well as the free gift next to the bottles.

The first item I bought was 500ml of the Sanctuary Spa luxury bath float which I bought as I wanted more bath stuff and this smells quite exotic. It should last a while and I got a free gift with this, even though it only cost a tenner and the free gift was worth £10.50 so I am really happy with the purchase.

This was my free gift and it is the sanctuary spa me time spa treats. I love the packaging and the box and ribbon and box were quickly stolen by little mister Edward to put his goodies in. He loves all pretty things and this definitely qualifies as pretty. 

Inside the box is 75ml of body wash, 50ml of body scrub, 30ml of hand cream and 50ml of body butter and I really look forward to using these products. 

This item is something that has been on my wish list for a while as I have seen other bloggers mention it so I wanted to try it. 
This is the garnier micellar cleansing water and I will use it for removing my eye make up, when I wear it, as at the moment I am using the face, soap and clarity, which is definitely not meant to remove eye make up as there are scrubby particles in it.
I really look forward to trying this out as I loved bioderma a when I tried it out in my birchbox a which ago and hope this is as good as it is fraction of the cost of bioderma. 
Also it is bonus it is easy to get hold of, although I got last on shelf so not sure if it sells out fast when in store.
It cost me £4.99.

The next item is another bottle of face soap & clarity to use once I have used my huge collection of cleansers that I want to try and then review for my blog. I love how clear it has made my skin and wanted to use it again in future so I bought more as it is currently one third off.
It cost £5.33.

Next was a SUPER beauty vanilla & honey bath & shower gel. I got a voucher from the machine for money off any shower or bath gel so I bought this as it was already reduced at £3.12 and it smells absolutely divine. So sweet and creamy and I love it and will love using it for both mine and Edward's baths.
I had a coupon and got a further £1.25 off too so it was £1.87.

The final products I purchased were two bottles of boots smile antibacterial mouthwash in fresh mint. I managed to get a voucher for a saving on these and they were already buy one get one free so in my eyes it was a double win.
I also got a further 63p off so my two bottles were £1.86 in total.

Additionally to this I got 300+ points on my card ready for Christmas so I am glad I looked on the machine.

So there is m boots haul. all things i wanted or will use so I am really happy.

Hope you are doing well and the weather is okay where you are. Saw snow here today but it hasn't settled. Stay safe and well this winter.


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