11 February 2014

Mini Asos and next clothing and accessory haul.

I don't have many clothes and the clothes I do have are old so hubby allowed me to get some clothes this month. 
I did one order from next and two from asos but only kept a few items from both.
The asos sizing is very generous so when the clothes got here I was way too small for them and the next clothes didn't fit my wide shoulders.
So what did I actually keep from these orders?

First item from asos was this bag. It is a red bowling bag and it really beautiful although it is harder to get my ipad in it as it is smaller inside than my Kipling, although it is a lot more water resistant, which is a good thing in the very soggy United Kingdom.

It is a very dark burgundy and has gold fittings and I really love it as it feels a little less 'mum' than my Kipling bag.
I got it in the asos sale too, which if you have read my posts before you know pleases me no end as I love a bargain.

Next is the first of two belts from asos. This is the REAL belt that was substantially reduced and I will probably wear it over a shift dress to dress it up. I really like this.

This is the second belt that I ordered from asos and it is really wide and it accentuates my waist. It makes me feel slimmer and it is really comfortable to wear. I really really love this and it looks better in real life than in the pictures.

These are the first pair of shoes I ordered, and received, from asos. They are a black and white design with a zip decoration and are surprising easy to wear with a small heel that makes them quite dressy. 
I wore these to church on Sunday and love them as they were another sale purchase and a bargain at the price. 
I like that they are quite narrow as I have thin feet and these are just narrow enough for me to wear, although anyone with wide feet would find these restrictive.

These are the second pair of shoes from asos and I love them. These are leather and are classic brogues with a twist. Being a girly girl I love the design of these as the ruffles interest me.
They would be great with tights and a dress or jeans making them very versatile.
Hardly surprising for me to say it but these were also in the sale.

This is a dress I bought from next. It was in the sale and falls just above my knee. It is floral and is loose and feels dressy but comfortable. 
I wore it on Sunday and wore a cardigan over the sheer arms and wore my zip decoration heeled shoes with it.

The last items in this mini haul are four pairs of tights. These were in the next sale and I own no tights, just leggings, so I bought them to go with my dresses as I hate my knees and I want to hide them and these slim out my legs.

So that was my mini clothes haul.
Hope you are all well and the weather isn't too bad where you are and isn't causing major in convince. Any bargains you seen this week?

Have a lovely day,


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