27 November 2014

Update from me and current Memebox issues

I just have to say that I am really sorry that I have been AWOL recently and have to address the situation that I am indeed a very bad beauty blogger.

Every November is national novel writing month.
During that time and the two camps during the spring and summer I write a novel and normally I am finished by the 17th so can give you most of my attention.

So it was rather unexpected that this time I struggled and only finished today but now I will stick with you and sort out this poor blog and give lots of new content for you lovely people.

I have so many blogposts that I want to do but if anyone has suggestions I am always open to them.
Add the suggestions below if you want a review of any products I have or if you want me to review a certain product. Money/ time permitting I am happy to give you guys what you want.
But anyway back the update.
My advent Calendar reviews will be back again this year and this year I have FIVE to compare.
I will do a post after this one to show you which ones I have and show you the back and front.
Every day I will show you what is in each box for that day and try and research the product and give price for size received.
I really enjoyed it last year and it was popular so hope you will enjoy it again this year too.

Now to the changes with my blog that will be an odd one to anyone who has been following my blog for a while or my youtube channel.
I am quite possibly taking a break, either long or short, from memebox in the new year.

I have a few boxes ordered but other than those I cannot see myself ordering for a while, although that could change.
The site is empty since they expanded into China and I feel a little like we are the child they no longer want. 

A box is released twice a week atm, if we are lucky, and with only two for sale on the site atm I have lost interest. 
Add to that the fact that the prices in the shop can often be beaten by testerkorea or beautynetkorea and I have lost interest in them.
Other issues I won't go into also contribute and in a way I feel a bit like I am breaking up with a very bad boyfriend.
Loving and sweet at first. But now things have gone sour and I am sorry to say but memebox... it's definitely not me, it's all you.

I love you guys and thank you for your support on this blog, on instagram and on my youtube channel.


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