29 November 2014

Memebox superbox #75 city girl

I love my inlaws so much as they will often let me have my Christmas presents early if I want to order something and that was what happened this year.
(I d lve them for other reasons too, don't worry.)

When Memebox was still releasing boxes a month or so ago I managed to order this box and three other boxes as my present and to be honest I was torn between this and another box but as there was a similar box which was similar to this which was good I decided on this box.

I have to admit I think I ordered at the right time since they suddenly stopped releasing boxes and since then I have become so jaded by boxes I have received since then and also spoilers of other boxes that I am glad I never purchased.

But, anyway, less rambling and back to unboxing the City Girl box.

original raw Multi pigment- I am Designer 10g x 3ea (star orange, star pink and star beige)($42)
The first items in the box were these three multi use pigments which were in a gift box.
These are suitable for the cheeks, lips and eyes but I will probably only use the orange and the pink pigments and then only on the cheeks and lips, although most probably the lips, as  I like the pigmentation of these and I am particularly partial to orange lips.
These are similar to the sleek pout paints which I received last year in a glossybox and to be honest at the price of $42 these seem rather expensive.
But they are nice to receive in a box as pigments are rare in beauty boxes in general.

Migabee Verbena Cream 50ml ($29)
This is the first of two migabee products in this box and this is a moisturiser which can be use as a day or night cream and contains shea butter, according to the memebox card,. 
For me that promises good things as I find that shea butter is really moisturising  on my skin and that is a great thing as my skin can get super dry. Especially in the horrid winter weather.
Will have to see what it is like though.

Shara Shara Dew Veil Primer Balm 25g ($13)
Lol, they really love shara shara and to be honest their products are hit or miss for me.
I am wondering which this will be especially as an avocado oil based primer is definitely a new thing to me.
I am hoping it will be moisturising on the skin with an oil base and will probably try it after the Laura Mercier primer I received in another box from a different company.
Worried it may be rather to dewy though with an oil base.

Mizon Oh! Shy Gorgeous On Liquid Cheek 8ml ($16)
This can be used as a cheek or lip tint and is in a peach colour. It is quite nice but it is rather expensive at $16 but at least it gives a good colour on the lips and doesn't show the natural colour of my lips through it so coverage isn't an issue.

Migabee Pure Berry Oil Soap Honey 310ml ($29)
I have cleansers coming out of my ears. Not literally but you know what I mean.
But at least this cleanser is a little bit different as it can used in more than one way as it can used on hair, face or body. 
According to the leaflet it has bee venom, honey, propolis and acai extracts and it will help to firm the skin and balance out uneven skin texture and skin tone.
I will probably try this in my hair as I have so many facial cleansers and I just hope it won't strip the hair of moisture.

So, there is my city girl box and although there are only five products I will use them all and all are useful to me.
A nice variety to with make up, skincare and something to use in my hair. 
One of the better recent boxes for me.


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