27 November 2014

Meaningful beauty products review

I've been quite lucky with the birchbloggers uk program and these are the second items that I have been sent free for review.
The first items were the LAQA & Co lip lubes and this time we went into skincare products to try and I received two items from the Meaningful Beauty which Cindy Crawford has collaborated on with Dr. Jean-Louis Sebagh. 

Dr Jean-Louis Sebagh is a french anti ageing specialist and he has collaborated with Cindy Crawford for ten years in order to create skincare to help women get younger fresher skin than they ever thought possible.

I have to have admit I had never heard of Meaningful beauty until I received 7 of their wrinkle smoothing capsules in the October Birchbox, which I was not impressed by, so when Birchbox sent me the birchbloggersuk email to enter a competition to win these products to try out I was happy to enter.

I actually repled to tell them I was wanting to try them to compare them with the korean skincare I normally used and I have to admit that after using these products alongside my current skincare I am actually really impressed.

I was sent the Meaningful Beauty Wrinkle Smoothing Capsules (60) and the Glowing Serum (15ml) to try and below are my thoughts.

As you can see these were enjoyed greatly and with 22 left I will have 11 more days and then I will try my korean products again.
These have a rrp of £39.95.

The capsules are about one centremetre long and half a centimetre and are great as they provide one use of moisturiser in each capsule, well at least it is enough for my tiny face.

It has a thick consistancy and has a texture rather like a silicon based primer and can also be used instead of that product for this reason.
It leaves my skin silky soft as well as blurring my pores and doesn't leave a film on your face.
All in all it is a great cream though and although it is moisturising enough during the day at night I use a sleeping mask over it at night to give my dry as the sahara enough moisture, especially during this horrid winter weather.

The other item was the glowing serum and this is a 15ml size and although this made sound small it is plenty for a serum. This has a rrp of £30.95.
According to the creator he calls this his 'model secret' as it helps to smooth and firm the skin and gives a nice healthy glow.

I have to admit that when I saw the colour I was surprised as it looks like a dirty beige colour but to be honest this was quickly forgotten when I smelled it.
No offence to the makers or to birchbox but this really smells.

It has a slightly fishy smell and to be honest it is rather bracing in the morning and the first few times it was surprising but once you get used to it the serum is fab.
It sinks into the skin and isn't overly heavy or sticky. I really like it and I think if it wasn't for the smell it would be a perfect 10.

So, there are the meaningful beauty products that I birchblogger in the UK and I really love them.
I think they are fab at the price and feel luxurious and decadent on the skin.

More info on them can be found at the birchbox shop here.


*products were sent free for review*

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