11 November 2014

Nerdblock October 2014

I always look forward to Nerdblock and once again I am very happy to receive this box as it rocks.
Nerdblock is a box with nerdy geeky products in and always includes a T shirt. 
It ships from Canada and costs about £18 a month when converted from US Dollars ($32.49) and is always well worth the price.
This month was a collab and selected by Kevin Smith.

Patient Notes sticky note pads

This contains sticky pads of various sizes and colours and is good for making notes.
Though ours were attacked by the little one who insists that that is a mothers day card and likes to present it to me then spread out the little ones around the room.
Well, at least he is having fun.

Collaboration stickers
Nice stickers for the box and these will be great on my storage system to jazz it up or on the notebook cover to personalise it.

Deadpool Popvinyl bobble head 
I love these figures and receiving one in the box is great as they £10 plus on amazon. I don't know who Deadpool is but this is reat to add to my collection.

Zelda dangler
Another dangler to add to my keys. This was in a mysterry pack and I received the Princess from the Zelda series.

Captain America Cards fx prop replica
These are a pack of playing card and I have hidden these away atm but will probably used to teach edward patience when he is older.. I am guessing we both might need to learn it.

Marvel vs dc pow! badges
Four great badges to jazz up a coat. 
I might put them on one of Edward's jackets in the spring to give it more individuality.

Shirtpunch Wanted! Jay & Silent Bob t shirt 
The final item is the main item in the box and paul will get this. It is a Jay and Silent Bob dynamic duo T shirt and is super cute.
This is for paul though.

This is my box for October and is really great. I look forward to my November box.

More info on Nerdblock can be found here.

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