11 November 2014

Lovelula November 2014

Lovelula is a box that I have had for a while now and is one that I have on a monthly sub so it must be good as normally if one has a particularly bad box I am inclined to cancel so this one being still active is a good sign.
Although last month's box wasn't my favourite this one is back to their great standard and has four great sized products and a sample and I am really happy.

Jason Brightening Apricot Scrubble (£5.49)
On seeing this my first impression was wow as it was full sized and after reading the description I liked it even more.
This is a facial scrub that is gentle enough to use every day as a a cleanser. 
It is soap free and will foam up nicely to remove makeup and scrub away impurities.
It is paraben free and uses walnut powder as the scrubby component.

Living Nature Nourishing Hand Cream 50ml (£16)
I get a lot of hand creams so in general but knowing that this comes from a brand that made a cleanser I enjoyed makes me warm to having it in my box more.
It contains manuka honey and larch treat extract and will be interesting to use especially as I love having products that contain manuka honey on my skin.

Barefoot SOS Face & Body Rescue Cream 50ml (£10.50)
This is a product to help to provide relief to dry and sensitive skin and will add moisture and is fine even for those with eczema.

Suti Cleansing Balm 4ml
This is the smallest item in the box and at 4ml it might seem tiny but it will be good for a few uses as with a cleansing balm a little goes a long way.
This is a handcrafted organic balm that will cleanse away impurities.

Giovanni Deep Moisture Shampoo (£1.60)
This is a shampoo that will add moisture to dry and chemically processed hair and will increase shine and give a finish of smooth as silk hair.

This is a good box for me and I will it all. I also like that for me this is a slightly different box as it is natural and organic products.
I love forward to next month.


More info on the box can be found here.

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