29 November 2014

Boots' Maxfactor Christmas 2014 free gift box with purchase deal.

I like a good deal and last year Boots had great makeup deals just before Christmas and yesterday I noticed that the deal had started again for this year.
This year if  you spend £15 on maxfactor products you get the gift box for free.
So I leapt on the deal as I wanted the Maxfactor deal and tomorrow I might go look at the others.
But today I want to show you which Maxfactor products I bought and what I got free with those products.
A couple of weeks ago I bought a Maxfactor Lipstick in a purple shade, Mulberry, and fell in love with the smooth soft texture as well as the long lasting colour so when I saw the offer I bought a couple of Colour Elixir lipsticks.

The first lipstick I bought was 711 in Midnight Mauve and this is purple red colour and both this and Firefly are as soft on the lips as Mulberry.
Great as I am really into the berry or purple shades at the moment.

The second lipstick I bought was 755 firefly and this is a purple with brown undertones and is really pretty.

Now onto the freebies.

This is the front of the box of the free gift that contains the free products as well as a £2 off coupon for the maxfactor facefinity all day primer, their facefinity all day flawless 3 in 1 foundatin or their skin luminizer foundation.
But I really bought the lippies now rather than later for the 4 full sized products inside this box.

The first item excites me as it is another colour elixir lipstick (yay) and this one is in 840 cherry kiss, which is a beautiful cherry red colour.

The next item is one of the wild shadow pots and it is in the shade 20 Golden Amazon. It is a gold with sparse glitter and would be great as a solo eyeshadow or used alongside others.
Perfect for the party season.

The next item is their False Lash Effect Waterproof Mascara in Black Brown which looks great but is going into storage in  my stash as I have so many mascaras.

The final item in my gift box is a nail varnish and it is the Glossfinity in the shade 160. This is a rich burgundy in the nails and is lovely but it needs a few coats to get good coverage.

Here are my swatches of the lipsticks and you can see the differences. 
I really like all three and will wear them all.
From top to bottom they are firefly, midnight mauve and cherry kiss.

So there is my maxfactor products that I received today and it is a great offer that Boots has on.
More information can be found here



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