11 November 2014

Degustabox October 2014

The last few months of Degustabox have been a bit on the fritz and for me it had been an easy decision to cancel in December however this box has very much changed my mind and I have decided to get another six months when it comes up for redemption in December.
Degustabox is a uk box which contains grocery store food products and costs £12.99 a month or £11.99 if you buy six months.
This one is the november box and contains thirteen items an extra and a voucher.

Brioche Pasquier Sliced Brioche Loaf (£1.69)
This is a soft and sweet loaf that is great for sweeter sandwiches like Jam or banana and is also great as toast, which is how we had it.
I always enjoy getting products from this brand and this is the first of two this month.
Also great news that I now know that Sainsbury stocks this brand.

Bear Paws (£0.55)
Alpha bites (sample size)
Two products from the BEAR brand and both go down well with the little one. The paws are pure fruit snacks that have no sigar and Edward loves so that is a win win.
we received the cereal in an earlier box and we all loved that  so it is nice to get another serving of it as an extra.

Brioche Pasquier Pain Au lait with choc chips (£1.60)
I am in love with these brioches as these are so moreish and yummy so getting more is great, although I prefer the plain to these chocolate chip brioches.

Special K Cracker Crisps Barbeque (£1.29)
Paul ate this reduced fat savoury snack and said that it was okay but not one his favourites. 
This was mainly due to the texture which he said was a bit like rice cakes. 
But other than that he said he would eat them again.

Solo Toasted Marshmallow Creme (£1.99)
This was the product that made me say wow when I saw it as I love marshmallow so I really look forward to using this as a sandwich filling or trying to do the fudge recipe on the back of the packet. 
I also love the thought of a 'toasted' flavour.

Dr Oetker premium 90% extra dark chocolate (£2.49)
Dr Oetker fine dark chocolate powder (£1.89)
These products are most gratefully received as at the moment  I have restarted baking. I  will use chocolate and chocolate powder and these being high quality is a huge bonus.

Blue Dragon Sweet Chilli sauce (£2.78)
We have used blue dragon products before and always found them good quality so I will look forward to using this as a condiment or as a dipping sauce. 
I like a bit more spice though generally in my chilli sauce so the sweet variety might not be for me.

Enhance Drinks Apple and Blackcurrant (£2.49)
These ultra concentrated squashes are a great idea in principle but in practice Edward tends to stick to certain brands so these tend to be put in our cupboards and forgotten about, although I might try this with hot water as a winter warmer.

Jelly Belly beans (£2.50)
I apologise for these as it seemed that they were trying escape while I was taking their photo. 
These are the famous jelly belly beans and they didn't last long as I really like them.

Kent's Kitchen Tikka Masala (£2.50)
These Kent's Kitchen meal kits are always great and it is great to get an extra.
In these kits you receive three pots of ingredients and only add a few extra fresh ingredients to complete the meal.
Simple! Easy! Delicious!

Get Buzzing Original Nutty (£1.30)
This was the first product to be consumed from this box and was actually consumed minutes after taking this picture.
It is a 100% natural flabjack which provides both fast and slow releasing energy and will leave you more satisfied than a chocolate bar.

Benecol greek style yoghurt voucher
I haven't used this yet but it is nice to receive a voucher, although I see it as an extra and not really a main product.
But I like thicker style products so these will be great for me.

There is my October Degustabox. I look forward to my November box and also look forward to my December box too as last years December box was the first and was fab.
A great box in October though and lots of variety.


You can find out more about this box by clicking here and using that link you will get £3 off your first box is you sign up.

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