30 November 2014

Tonymoly Red Appletox Honey Cream

Memebox seem to be having an issue getting rid of the cutiepie marzia 2 boxes so have taken to several routes to get rid of the extra stock, why they ever thought getting 5k boxes in the first place is beyond me but that isn't relevant to discuss here.

But, back to topic, they decided to sell off the Tony Moly Red Appletox honey cream apples for $5 and I really couldn't resist and purchased two as they are supposed to be good for dry skin.
So I bought a couple alongside a couple of makeup items and a Benton soothing mist for $30 and also got free shipping.
But back to my thoughts on the Tonymoly Red Appletox Honey Cream.

For me the packaging for this product is a huge hit and even if I hate the cream for $5 these are a bargain as they are so cute. 
It is also great that the apples are made from thick plastic so are really sturdy so if little hands get them the won't .

The main issue with the packaging is that it is messy as it doesn't always seal quite right so if you don't watch when you close it you can get cream on you the next tim that you open it.
I also think this is why some leaked in transit in the Cutiepiemarzia boxes.

Having looked around I can see that a few other websites have a basic list of some of the ingredients and these were listed as Royal jelly, Manuka Honey, Propolis, Black honey and Apple acids. 
So this cream is rather like lots of good things from a hive with added apple. Here is why this is a good thing:

Royal jelly is believed to have anti ageing properties due to the amino acids in it as well as the mineral and vitamins.
Manuka Honey adds moisture to the skin as well as being anti bacterial and anti oxidant.
Propolis is a sealant that the bees use in their hives when their are gaps and is another product that anti bacterial and is also soothing on the skin, which is one of the reasons it is used in a lot of Korean skincare. 
As well as that it is a great cleansing ingredient.
Black honey is an ingredient produced in South Asian forests by the world's largest bees and is another great anti oxidant and anti ageing ingredient. I also love honey as it seems to help to soften my skin when it is used in my skincare.
Apple Acids (Malic acid) is shown in some studies to reserves some sign of sun induced ageing and maybe also increase collagen production in the skin.
Definitely interesting ingredients in my Appletox apple with anti oxidant, anti ageing and soothing ingredients.

The scent also indicates that the product also has apple juice in it as the product smells exactly like fresh apples. It might not but the smell is still really lush and I love it. 
Or maybe I am biased as it seems to be the season for apples with So White at lush, the seasonal apple products at the body shop and also lots of apple candles around due to Christmas.

The main issue with this product is that it is incredibly sticky and on my face there were areas that remained sticky after using the cream for hours after. I am slightly fussy about texture so although I like gel creams as they tend to absorb fast into the skin I dislike the stickiness in this cream.

Dry skin is also a huge problem for me so I am looking for creams that add lots of mosture and although this is a gel cream it just doesn't add enough moisture for me.
Although this is not really going to be a problem for people with normal or slightly dry skin so for most this product will be fine.
It is great on my hands though and leaves them soft and supple.

As you can see above it is a clear gel with a slight yellow colour and the texture is just right in that it isn'tso thick it becomes jelly like a sleeping mask and isn't so liquid it just slips and slides off my hand before I apply it to my face.

As for the price although I got it $5 it is still a bargain at around $12 for 80g as a little goes a long way.

Well my verdict for this cream is that for me this cream does not provide enough moisture for the skin and is a little too sticky. 
The packaging is beautiful though and I will use the creams up and possibly try it as a facial cream when the weather gets warmer and see what I think then. 
Would be great as a hand cream to though as it softens them nicely and the scent is intoxicating.



  1. True. The redeeming factor is the scent and packaging, and thats all. Great for a first time Kbeauty user, not repurchase-worthy imho. :)

    1. okay on the feet too... now I have three I'll use it there too lol