19 November 2014

Memebox superbox #77 foot therapy

I used to have feet which were in good condition but it seemed that as soon as I decided to give my electronic foot file to my mother in law my feet decided to get their revenge on me.

So, as soon as I saw that this footcare box was on sale at Memebox I just had to have it.
Thankfully I had points so it as really cheap but even at full price this box is well worth it.

Calmisa Silky Soft Foot Cream 100g ($18)
This is a foot cream which contains shea butter and macadamia seed oil to repair and soothe the skin. 
This will definitely be useful this winter.

Tonymoly Shiny Foot Scrub Wash 100ml ($7)
It is always nice to get well known Korean brands in my memebox and Tonymoly is possibly one of the most well known brands to westerners.
According to the leaflet this is a foot scrub which has argan oil, peppermint extracts and lavender extracts and will buff away dead skin and hardened calluses to leave behind soft feet.
It will also help refresh tired feet, which is great when I have spent all day chasing after my little bean.

Lassha New Cool Foot V2.0 150ml ($18)
This is a spray to freshen your feet which is made from 100% naturally derived plant extracts and will leave the feet soft and refreshed.
I might give this to Paul to deal with his stinky feet.

with shyan Professional Foot File Remover 1ea ($9)
This is a foot file and although it feels a little clunky it is a nice basic footfile and as I don't own one it is a nice thing to receive.
Ironically Edward seems to enjoy it too and wants to file his feet and mine... bonus as he will do it for me.

Holika Holika Baby Silky Foot Mask 18ml ($3)
This is a foot mask that will remove dead skin and add moisture according to the card. 
To be honest in the past I haven't used this type of mask on my feet, I have only used the peeling masks, so I am looking forwrad to seeing if it will actually add moisture as well to my feet as the sheet masks do to my face.

Mizon Magic Peeling Foot 40ml ($11)
A footbox from memebox wouldn't be a footbox without a peeling mask.
I really love the kocostar ones so getting one from another brand will be great as I can see how good the Koccostar ones are in comparison to this one.

Foot peeling masks peel off the dead skin on your feet and for me they have meant that my skin is a lot softer and smooth after use and for a month or so after. 
I have also noticed on the second use I actually peeled less skin from my feet meaning there was probably lesss dry skin on there in the first place.

Purederm Callus Reducer Heel Patches Jojoba 4patches ($14)
In general the purederm products are on the cheaper side like the sheet masks but have been very good so I actually really happy to receive these heel patches in my box.
My heels are rough and in general the peeling masks haven't always peeled all the rough skin from this part of my fot so having these in addition really suits me, especially as we have received two applications of two patches.
Hopefully these also can soothe my tired feet.

Holika Holika Healing Nails Cuticle Oil 10ml ($2)
Yay, another holika holika product.
This one is a cuticle oil to help with dry cracked nails and rough cuticles on your feet but this one might migrate up north to be used on my hands.

So, there is my foot therapy and it is a really nicely rounded box with tools, creams, masks and oil as well as a scrub and a spray. A real bargain for $23 and a great one to buy if it is ever restocked.


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  1. I relay like to going spa after long walking. Ti give me refresher and incensed efficiency.So any one con do it by homedics deep kneading foot massager.