11 September 2014

Wantable September 2014

I really loved my August box that marked my return back to Wantable so when the September boxes were released late August I ordered straight away and was really over the moon when I received this box.
It is my expensive box at just under thirty pounds all in, including postage, packing and all taxes, but the box is well worth it and one of my favourites.

Tarino Tarantino Dollskin Blush Pallette ($45)
Oh my! This is an amazing palette and almost the same price of this box all on its own. The blushers in this palette are a nice mix of brights and neutrals and a mix of pinks and corals.
I have included swatches below.
According to the leaflet these contain micronised powders, which make these HD, but to me I am just glad that these are highly pigmented and are silky soft on the skin.
Also great for travel as it will give a nice selection of options for blush. 

Vincent Longo Dew Drop Blush ($30)
This is a beautiful neutral blush and is soft on the skin and I love how beautiful it is in the packaging with multiple tones and this gives a great tone of blush on the skin.

Vincent Longo Lip & Cheek stain ($24)
This is a great coral shade on my lips, even if it looks really dark in the tube. It lasts well on the lips but not as well as some of the Korea tints that stick no matter what. 
It is nice though and I will definitely use it.

Ofra Bright Addiction Eye Shadow ($15)
I love love love Ofra eyeshadows and this one is in a very light pink shade that gives a dash of colour without being overpowering and is great as I love bright lips so this is a change from having naked eyes.

Swatches of the cheek palette

From left to right: eyeshadow, cheek and lip tint and single blush.

There are my swatches of this month's products and they are all nicely pigmented and great quality.
I have to admit that I am loving these boxes as I get what I want yet they still excite and please me and make me look forward to getting them every month.
This box had a total value of $114 and cost me just over $50 so great value and all will be used.
Can't wait for my October box.
More info on wantable can be found here.



  1. Last month they sent me a BB cream that was supposed to be for 'fair skin' but even by olive toned friend who has often been mistaken as from the Med found it too dark! I complained and they advised that I change my profile not to get complexion products but I pushed and asked for something to make up for losing $40 worth in one go and they sent me an eyeshadow priner and a Vincent Longo eyeliner, even though I have 'no' on eyeliner ;-|

    I skipped this month because the number of things I'm not using has mounted up. It is still my favourite box but I guess I'm feeling a bit disillusioned so perhaps a small break is in order!

    1. always best when you become disillisioned with the box. In general these are very good but I sometimes feel like things are lost in translation. I tend to avoid the complexion options on most boxes as I think that the american options are like ours and not pale enough.
      So many boxes out there atm but I tend to move to another when disillusioned.