11 September 2014

Degustabox august 2014

I have got a bit far behind so I need to catch up and finish off the August boxes and this box was one of the last boxes I received in August and was my degustabox.

I had a bit of a nightmare with my July box and would have cancelled after that box but as I am on a six month sub I couldn't and I am glad about that as box was okay and seven of the ten products were consumed and enjoyed pretty quickly which makes it a great box, especially as I am now desperately searching for two of those.

Mexican Dave's lightly salted tortilla chips £1
These were delicious tortilla that were crispy and crunchy but not over salted. Hubby really enjoyed those and I was lucky to be able to steal a few before he ate them all.

Lindt HELLO Just for You Heart Chocolate Tin £3.49
These were eaten super fast but for the price there isn't an amazing amount of chocolate and would be best as a gift for someone else rather than to eat yourself as you get more for your pound from a bar. A nice addition in a box though.

Schwartz Flavour shots Spanish Smoked Paprika Chicken £1.39
We have received four of these between our August and July boxes and haven't used any of these yet but this one sounds quite nice. I like spicy foods so I think I will enjoy this product. 

Dr. Oetker edible wafer cases (£2.50)
I haven't used these yet but I will be baking in the next few days so these will be used soon and I like that with these only the plastic container is waste and that will go in my recycling anyhow.
Although, at the price I would rather use my silicone cupcake cases.

Schwartz Flavour Shots Mexican Fajitas
We will definitely use this flavour shot as we love fajitas so this is right up our street as it is just add meat, vegetables and tortillas.

Cawston Press Apple and Pear (63p)
This doesn't really excite me as an item as Edward tends to drink sugar free squash or juice so this isn't something that I would buy.

Brioche Pasquier 6 Pain au chocolat
These were absolutely delicious and we are currently wondering where to buy these as they are not in the large Asda near us. Might try sainsbury.
These are soft and yummy pain au chocolat with just the right amount of chocolat. These were individually wrapped.
Totally yummy and a great product to be introduced to.

Brioche Pasquier Pain au lait
These were another favourite in my box as the milk part of the bread makes them soft, moist and yummy. Another must have for us as they are great with nutella and peanut butter.

Caribbean Twist Strawberry Daiquiri (£2.50)
I was having a bad day that this box came and drank this over a couple of hours and although it was pleasant drink I wouldn't buy it again as it was over sweet and I much prefer the other alcoholic options I have received in the past like the cider.

Berry White organic drink (£1.59)
Another product not to write home about. It was okay but with so many other options I wouldn't search it out.

Moma! Bircher Muesli multipack voucher. (£2.99)

I haven't collected this product yet and not sure I will as it is only stocked at Sainsbury and Waitrose according to the leaflet but I know that people are having isuues finding it and to be honest this is why I hate coupons like these and would much rather have another product instead of a coupon which was probably given in bulk to degustabox for free.
I wish they would give a coupon all could use for a product that was easier to find.

 This months deguatabox was quite good value ut for me it was the bread items that made it so great as well as the tortillas. For a box that started so well I am afraid where it is heading though.
Hopefully September's box will be amazing.
More info on degustabox can be found here.


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