20 September 2014

Memebox superbox #51 my cute wishlist 2

Everyone thought that the first cute wishlist was amazing and so did I. It was full of cute packaging and a large selection of products.
Sadly this one isn't so cute and to be honest I was debating cancelling number three but have decided to keep up but not order four when it is released.
This box cost $23 plus $6.99 p and p.

SaintPeau Collagen Pudding Sleeping Pack 100g ($36)
I love love  love sleeping packs and look forward to using this mask which contains 52% collagen and is a gello type mask.
According to the cards in fills in wrinkles and fine lines and gives moisture to the skin while feeding the skin with nutrients.

Evas Vitamin Cleansing Dessert 130g ($18) 02. Lemon
I already have two of these from my cacao boxes and have yet to use these so to be honest it doesn't really interest me.
The card says that this cleanser has micro bubbles to deep clean your skin and help to clear blackheads, whiteheads and bacteria.
Only the packaging makes it cute and with two already I am not really interested.

It's skin Babyface Petit Blusher 4g ($7) Baby pink
This is probably the cuest item in the box.
I did however get the pink which is very pale even on my pale skin. I would have much prefere the lavender and have actually purchased that one from beautynetkorea.
It has a nice smooth application though and the packaging is very pretty.

The YEON Style Y Fruity Swirl Lip Balm ($8) 01 Strawberry Twist
This is a swirl lip balm that had a swirl of red and pink in it. I was surprised by how pigmented it was but at the end of the day $8 for a tinted lip balm would be too steep for me, especially as I prefer lipstick to balm.

Rosemine Perfumed Hand Cream Hesperides 60ml ($12)
This is not really cute to me and I think I may have received one of these in an earlier box, possibly one of the scent boxes.
It is a nice enough hand cream but I have a glut of hand creams.
 This hand cream has shea butter, rose water, argan oil and mango seed butter to give you moisturised supple and smooth hands.

Sally's box Friendly Berry Berry Lip Patch 8g ($3)
The final item in the box is a lip mask and for me any mask in a box is a definite bonus.
This mask is infused in various berry extracts and is rich in vitamin C to give lush soft lips.

My cute wishlist 2 box was okay but nothing amazing with no really cute packaging and although I will use it all it isn't quite matching the name.


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