2 September 2014

Lip monthly august 2014

I received my lipmonthly in the last few days of August and although it takes a long time to arrive from Canada it was well worth the wait this month as I received 4 nice full sized products as well as a full sized extra.

Pixi Lid Last Shadow Pen.
This is a eyeshadow pencil. This is in a creamy formula and I received it in the shade Gentle Gold that is a light gold with a slight shimmer.
These have a rrp of £12 in the uk so the fact that this box costs me about £7 delivered from the states means that I have made a saving even with the first item as I would actually buy this item.

City Colour Cosmetics Lip Balm.
I received ultra pink which is in a red pink colour and with a creamy soft formula it is nice to apply and gives a great 'your lips but better' colour.
This has a rrp of £2 in the uk and can be found at some online retailers and good for the price.

City Color Be Matte Lipstick in shade Phoebe.
This is probably my least favourite product as although it is a nice dark pink it is not smooth on application and seems a bit bitty and would stick to any imperfections on your lips.
This is also available for £2 in the uk.

City Color magic balm.
This is a lip balm that is creamy but not sticky or waxy and it has a slight pink hue. It doesn't give extra colour but it is good at moisturising the lips.
According to the card this has a rrp of $3.99.

Jesse's girl Cosmetics Lip Glass in the shade Idyllic.
This is a smooth lip gloss in a very pale pink color that contains shimmer so would be great if you want a nice shimmer to your colour and a dash of colour.
This has a rrp of $4.99.

This was my lipmonthly August both and I really like the contents. I will use all the products and the extra as well as the bag it all arrived in will also be used.
More info on this box can be found here.


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