8 September 2014

Memebox scentbox #4 floral

The last scent box I received in my scentbox bundle is good value for money but is another not too exciting box. Having got them with points I am happy enough but I know for certain I won't be using one product although I think the other three products make up for it. 
This is my floral scentbox.

Esthe Shower Cologne 100ml ($26) Rosy Glow
This smells quite nice but a little too artificial but will still be great as a body mist after a bath

L'ocean feromonika perfume 10ml ($12) 05 IOS fresh
This is an odd perfume as it is a pheromone perfume so will smell different on all on even on the same person. To me it is very floral edging into pine fresh cleaner.
Don't know if I like it or not.

Secret Key Perfume Hand Cream 30g (scent 02) ($10)
This smells of cheap soap and will not be used. I had to wash it off when I used it and use another handcream as I hated the smell.

Sally's box Friendly Cherry Blossom Hand Mask 6g x 2ea ($2)
I used this company's apple love recipe mask last night and really loved it so I am looking forward to using this mask too.

That was a good box although I would have prefered skin care or body creams instead of more hand cream and two types of perfume.


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