24 September 2014

Memebox special #32 omg 2

The omg one box disappointed a bit so in a way I was dreading this box and looking forward to cute 2 but in all reality this box was really good even if it wasn't omg enough and I found I was lukewarm on cute.

Cristallin Cellulose Mask 28g x 2 ($10)
These are cellulose masks so are made of jelly like material that wraps around your face that is wiggly jiggly and according to the card these will add moisture to your skin and improve your skin elasticity and help clearup any breakouts.
I have never tried this brand but I love masks so this will be fun to use to see how good they are as their price point is higher than the masks that I have used before.

Ladykin Vanpir Dark Repair Cream 50ml ($50)
The next item is one of the vampir creams that I have heard people talking about on the makeuptalk forums.
This is a skin brightener that contains green tea, which is useful as an anti oxidant, that will help with dark spots and skin discoloration as well as helping with fine lines and wrinkles.
Ladykin is also a good brand so this alone pays for the box all on it's own even if it isn't OMG and it is also a good size at 50ml.

Piori Aroma Ac Moisture Gel Mist 100ml ($24)
This item was in the coffee break with Dani box and isn't really OMG to me as it is just a lavender aroma gel mist with the only OMG being that it contains bee venom. It will be great to use though as I love a good mist and according to the card this will soothe and treat skin issues. 

Milky Dress Bohr Effect Carboxy Gel 1set ($24)
Next is another mask and this one is different and slightly more OMG to me as it is a unusual approuch to a sheet mask to me as first you use the gel then the mask then more of the gel.
according to the description this will tighten the skin and also give a deep cleanse while it leaves you with nicely moisturised skin.

Seatree Syn-Ake Essence 45ml ($20)
You could either get this or a snk-ake total solution 100ml but I am glad I got this as I love essence so it will definitely be used.
According to the card this is a product that contains something called Syn-ake peptides that are similar in composition to snake venom and will help to repair your skin where it needs helps.
suitable for all skin types it will help address uneven skintone, lines and wrinkles to give you firmer skin.
Not really omg to me but more omg than the items in box 1.

Haruen Dorothy Haruen -S ($26)
The last item in the box is probably the most OMG product for me as first the packaging is so luxe and secondly because this is a rollerball skincare product.
This is a product that contains 100 volcanic rock and helps to control excess oil and grease as well as to target acne and blackheads and will mattify your skin.
Can be used before or after make up.
For me this will probably be best used in the summer as it is the only time that I really get greasy skin.

So, there is my omg 2 box and for me it is so much better than the first as at least they seem to be making baby steps to making it more omg.

Omg3 is sold out but Omg4 is on sale here atm.


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