18 September 2014

Memebox special #10 mask 4

When the restocks happen it really is a case of run run as fast as you can and luckily when a few boxes restocked on Memebox on friday I was lucky enough to grab this and second Cacao box.
It is especially great as I love masks at the moment and having already seen what was in this box I wanted it.

Skin Factory 7 Seconds Morning Sheet 7 in 1 150g ($39)
This is a strange product to have in a mask box but everything I have read says it is a much beloved product so I am very happy to have it to try.
These are a combination product in that they are a toner, an emulsion and a essence all in one.
To use you massage with the exfoliating side for 7 seconds then using the other side you pat in the essence for seven seconds. This product will give you the effects of a facial massage, an anti wrinkle serum and dead cell remover all in one.
Can't wait to use it.

Purederm Vitamin C Facial Pads 24 pack ($12)
These are a  really fun mask to use in that they are a targetted mask for tired dull skin and have the appearance of orange slices.
Great for on tired eyes as they are cooling and they have an orange scent.

Sua Young Berristure 100G ($40)
I have seen the company advertising this on instagram and I was quite curious so when I saw it was in the box it was another reason to purchase it.
This can used as either a moisturiser or as a wash off pack and the name comes from a mixture of the words 'Berry' and 'Moisure' and it contains a  combination of berry extracts that add moisture to the skin.
It also includes a Cos 5 Complex as well as collagen to help to give more supple and smooth skin.
I will probably use it as a moisturiser instead of a mask though.

SLCosmetics Soo Effect PLus Essence Sheet Mask (Repair, Energising, Waterdrop) 23g x 3 ($11)
These are the first three of five sheets masks in this box and these are enriched with baobab tree extracts, olive extracts, aloe vera extracts and red ginseng extracts.
According the card these are highly moisturising and will add beneficial nutrients to the skin.
I love love sheet masks so look forward to using these.

When 10:00pm & Travelmate 23ml x 2 ($14)
These the final items in the box are two more sheet masks and these are bio cellulose masks that are made of coconut. The 10:00pm one is skin is skin soothing and nourishing an the travelmate is for tired UV exposed skin.
I look forward to using these as they are supposed to contain more moisture than the standard sheet masks.

There is my mask 4 box. It was a lovely box and as I love masks I will use it all and especially look forward to using the sheet masks and the 7 seconds sheets that are supposed to be really great.


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