27 September 2014

Lovelula September 2014

This month's lovelula was dedicated to organic products due to Organic week at the beginning of September and in a way I was a little concerned that the price points of the organic products.
I was worried that it would mean we ended up with tiny samples but thankfully this wasn't the case and once again Love Lula has managed to curate an amazing beauty box.

Bentley organic moisturising hand sanitizer 93% organic 50ml (£3.65)
This product is amazing as it is soft on the skin yet effective and there is no horrible smell with it. 
I also love that it is a foam so a little goes a long way. 
I would definitely buy this again though as I love hand sanitisers as they are great in a house with a toddler and I would even be happy to use this one on his delicate skin.
It is full sized and can be used for up to 125 applications and is 93% organic.

Skin blossom facial toner 150ml (£5.95)
This is a full sized product and is a toner that has Witch hazel, aloe and glycerin in it to tone, soothe and purify the skin as well as tighten the pores. 
It is 97% organic and for all skin types.

Balm Balm little miracle rosehip serum 30ml (£13.25)
Another full sized product and this is worth more than the box. I love balmbalm's lip balms and I really like that this has been included in a box and is full sized.
It has a rich blend of essentials that work together to give your skin moisture and nutrients and to leave it soft, nourished and rejuvinated with a non oily formula.
All natural product.

Essential care (Odylique) Organic Lip Silk (£5.50)
This is the second lip balm from this company that I have received and I haven't used the first but it is nice to receive another as you can never have too much lip balm.

Pai Kuki & Jojoba Bead Skin Brightening Exfoliator & Avocado & Jojoba Hydrating Day Cream (Both 4ml samples)
We have had samples from Pai before and these four ml samples are great for travelling andthey are great for two parts of my skincare and enough for a few days so I won't need carry around huge bottles for short trips.
I also like that these are high quality products that are organic and good for my skin that can get sensitive at times.

herbfarmacy organic skin care mallow beauty balm 15g (£7.25)
This is a half sized product that can be used as a moisturisers. It is a rich balm to leave the skin deeply moisturised and is infused with marshmallow and mullein to soften the skin and offer targeted anti ageing on wrinkles and fine lines.
It will definitely be interesting to use as it is 100% organic and I have never used a balm type moisturiser before.

Another great box from Lovelula and despite cancelling loads of boxes this month this one will definitely be kept as it is always really fab.
I love the natural and organic products this gives me and I look forward to my October box.
More info on this box can be found here.


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