8 September 2014

Memebox scentbox #6 sweet shop

I really enjoyed the first scent boxes so when these were offered I immediately purchased them as I also had points so all in all these three boxes cost me about five dollars (three pounds uk approx) including postage so either way I knew I was going to be happy but tbh I quite like these boxes and for the price of the bundle, under thirty pounds for the three boxes, even without the discount they were quite good value.

Hello everybody Vita Berry Shampoo 220ml ($23)
I received a sample of this in a hair body box and fell in love. A little goes a long and it has a beautiful berry scent that lingers on the hair and it also leaves hair clean and soft. A great product to receive in a box as I wouldn't be inclined to pay $23 for a shampoo.

Pure smile Jewelry Scrub Glitter Sugar Scrub 100ml ($8) Amethyst.
A body scrub with a  gentle floral scent and a sugar to help to keep your skin soft and clean. Not overpowering in terms of scent either so great even for use on my son.

Hope Girl Tinted Lip Balm 5g ($12) strawberry
This is a lip balm in a light pink colour with no scent but it is creamy on the lips and I like the packaging and I am just glad it isn't another hope girl mascara.

Pure smile Choosy Lip Pack Shining (White Pearl & Pink Pearl) ($5)
The final products were two of these lip packs and these are quite nice and leave my lips softer but I seem to be getting a lot of these.

That is my sweet shop box and I am in love with the shampoo so I am really happy about this box. The other items are really nice too and I will use it all.


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