6 September 2014

Memebox global #14

Around the 25th of each month I get really excited as the Memebox global boxes get shipped out and as these are generally the best bang for the buck in memeboxes I look forward to them.
Folowing this one I will be even more excited for them than normal too as this one is fab.

Kocostar 4 Package Set (Ggongji Hair Pack 10ea and Face Spot Mirror Patch 8ml and 5 Finger Nail Pack 3Ea and Foot Peeling Pack 2ea) ($20)
For a paper mask lover this is the ultimate pack as we have been given a nice variety of masks such a foot peeling mask that will, like the one I used a few days ago, give me fresh soft feet after all the old skin has peeled off. 
Pretty disgusting while it peels off though and I have to wear socks as Edward keeps getting upset by them as I have 'monster feet'.
There is also a spot mask to deal with the spots I get that are big and angry. 
The hair mask and the finger masks are also useful as they will give me silky soft hair and help me maintain healthy nails while I am growing them.

Sally's box 4Set (Love recipe apple mask, delight ceramide hydrogel mask, delight collagen hydrogel mask and delight panthenol hydrogen mask)($14)
I love love love face masks and these masks look really pretty and although cheaper in terms of cost compared to some other paper these are beautifully packaged and the ceramide mask and the collagen masks excite me as I have found them beneficial to my skin in the past.
Additionally, so far, I have only actually found one mask I disliked of this type so I will probably enjoy these too.

Beauty People Miss 100 Super Waterproof Gel Liner Auto Pencil 0.5g ($38)
Another eyeliner to join my ever growing collection as memebox love eyeliners.

a:t fox Fantasy Holic Lip & Cheek Designer Pencil ($7) 03 Rose Beige
I have one of these pencils already as I got a tin by this company in a previous global box. I think it was about box 7, 8 perhaps. I will go look later.
This is a creamy lip and cheek pencil in a girly pink red colour and I really like that it is quite dark on my highly pigmented lips. 

Shower Mate Perfume de Whip Body Wash (Pure White Blossom and Red Fantasy)($8)
These are body washes that I will probably use as bubble bath or use in the bath to wash myself over. These have delicate flowery scents and smell really nice.

Sua Young Mineral Essence in liquid foundation ($34)
This product says foundation but it is in fact a Cc cream with an spf of 33. Having tried it on my skin it is dark for my super pale skin and a little too pink for me. It is only small but according to the manufacturer on instagram who replied to my picture a little goes a long way.
I have to agree with that and on a darker skin than mine, so most people, it would be great.

VOV Goodbye black smudge waterproof mascara 9g ($19)
Another mascara too. I should laugh as I have probably got five years of mascaras plus at this point and it is hard to distinguish between them but this one looks interesting. as in the description it says that it has a triangular brush and is waterproof, which is great in the rainy UK.

Recipe by Nature Golden Time Vita Capsule Essence 40ml ($42)
This was the item in the box that made me sit up and say wow as the packaging was super cute and I really like skincare so this essence from the makers from my current facial mist is very welcome. 
Additionally as a little goes a long way it will last a fair amount of time as it is 40ml.
I look forward to using it.

There is my global 14 box and it is a really great box especially if, like me, you enjoy sheet masks. I do and will enjoy using most of the box, except the eye make up and cc cream.
Can't wait for number 15.



  1. Shame about the foundation - one day maybe there'll be something in a box suitable for us pale ones! The foot mask sounds great aand quite cute that Edward calls them monster feet!
    Simone | Thirty Something OAP

    1. The korean boxes tend to be better than the uk ones as most people in the uk want a tan and the korean's tend not too. Sme of their bb creams are quite good as they are very pale. In general the cc creams are quite good too.