18 September 2014

Horror block august 2014

I am not feeling 100% so have I fallen a little behind on my blogposts so this is actually a review of last months Horrorblock.
This was one of the last boxes I received of my August boxes and was a good box.
This is a Canadian box and cost $32.49 American delivered to the uk. More info can be found Here

An alien shirtpunch t shirt
This is for my husband as he gets all the T shirts from these boxes. I like that they are good quality and wash well and due to this box, the lootcrates and the nerdblocks we now have a good supply of Tshirts for Paul.

Jigsaw Killer Figurine.
This is one scary figurine. I love the puppet and tricycle though and is the star item in the box. Edward keeps requesting to play with him though and so far we have avoided him having him.

Zombie Car/Window Decal
This is probably my least favourite item along with the next item as I won't use it.

Rue morgue
We always get this magazine and I never read it. I wish we got an additionally item instead of it as I never read it and the just stockpile until I put them in recycling.

Tales of the crypt comic
We quite like the comics and Paul tends to end up with thes as I have little interest and I know Paul read them as a child/teen.... yes I married a nerd!!!

The final item is my favourite item in my September Nerdblock and it is a skeleton pen. I love this and have been using it over the last few weeks.
I always lose pens but I don't want to use this one as it is so cool.

There is my horrorblock august and like the rest of the boxes from nerdblock last month this was another meh box. It was good value but with a pen as my favourite item the box must be so so.



  1. Whoa, creepy stuff. I read wrong that you had taken ill from the horrorblock. Interesting..

    1. Taken ill so fallen behind on reviews... Serious misspell lol