25 July 2014

Nerdblock July 2014

My nerdblock classic came last week and on seeing my Nerd block I know it won again this month. Nerdblock is $32.49 a month to the Uk including postage from Canada and is a box full of nerdy geeky goodness.

Every month it seems to have won over Lootcrate and whereas I have cancelled Lootcrate after my next box at the moment I will carry on with this box.
But, enough of that, here what was in my box.

The first item in the box this month is the 'nerd certified item of the month' and it is a dvd along with a couple of figurines. I received Stan Lee and another figurine I can't identify. According to the leaflet the DVD is Comic Con Episode IV: A fan's hope and is directed by Morgan Spurlock. This is a really cute item and a great start to the box.

The next item in the box is another Shirt Punch T shirt and this time it is TMNT. I am in love with those good quality well designed T shirts and if shirt punch had cheaper postage I would buy a lot more.

The next item is my favourite item of the month as I am essentially a big kid after I deal with the grown up parts of life like bills and child rearing and housework. 
This is Nerf Zombie strike ricochet and is a great gun with foam disks that I have proceeded to shoot Paul with. It is a gun that is lots of fun and that I have hid from edward.

The next item is another great item and it is a cuddly Millenium deformed falcon. Great for when you only want to cuddle a millenium falcon. Another great item and Edward, my little boy, loves it.

The final item in the box is a magazine and it is the latest copy of Star Wars Insider Magazine. It looks really fun and this and the previous item are great things to receive with the most recent Star Wars being filmed at the moment.

So, there is my box. Whereas lootcrate had socks as a main item this box has amazing items and I can't wait for my Horror Block and next months box.


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