2 July 2014

Nerdblock horror June 2014

Okay so last month NerdBlock launched a new block called the HorrorBlock and yesterday I took delivery of the first one and was really excited and wasn't disappointed. But what was in it?

The first item in the box was a Horror Classics Mystery Mini and I received this scary clown. He is quite nice but I will be giving him to Edward as he seems to quite like him.

The next item in the box was my favourite in the box and it was a The Walking Dead Funko Pop Figures and I received Tank Zombie. I have never watched this program but I love funko figurines and it is a great addition to my big bang and disney ones.
He's gone to scare Sheldon I think.

The next thing in the box is Paul's t shirt and this one was Nightmare on Elm Street. These are great quality t shirts and for the seventeen ish pound you spend it is well worth buying these boxes if only for the T shirts.

The next item in my box is by Forum Novelties and it is the Blood Red Soap. According to the packaging it will put blood all over your hands.

The next item in the box for June are some Playful Gorilla Gelaskins and are horror face stickers. Nice to put on my laptop in my opinion.

The final item in the box is the July 2014 copy of Rue Morgue magazine. An interesting magazine with horror articles.

So, that is this months Horror block and the first one ever. This was a great box and I loved the pop vinyl figures and look forward to next month.


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