12 July 2014

Birchbox July 2014 and what I used my points on

July's birchbox arrived yesterday and I was really looking forward to it as June was amazing as well as June so I was hoping this one was as good.
But, what did I receive and was it as good?

The first item in this box is full sized and it is made by Ultradex.  It is a fresh breath oral spray and has 130 sprays and is alcohol and sugar free, mint flavour, anti bacterial an instantly eliminated odour causing compounds.
This is worth £3.65 and is my lifestyle extra.

The next item in the box is by Compagnie de Provence and is the Mediterranean Sea Hand Cream.
THis has a gentle scent of the sea and leaves my hands soft due to the Shea butter.
The full sized is £8.50 and this sample is worth £3.40.

The next item in this box is from Gilchrist & Soames and it is the English Spa Sea Kelp Extract Mineral Bath. This smells fresh and refreshing due to the sea kelp and I really love it as we only have a bath, not a shower, so it is perfect for me.
This is a 40ml sample and worth £1.91.

The next item in the box is an item I think I might have tried in another box and although I remember it I don't think it made a huge impression on me and I much their skin food which is amazing and their skin creams.
This is by Weleda and is the Millet Nourishing shampoo and this 18ml sample is worth £0.85.

The next item in the box is a 7ml sample of the Balance Me Wonder eye cream. According to the leaflet this is a lightweight hardworking eye cream to brighten the eye and keep wrinkles at bay.
This sample is worth £9.33

The final product in the box is by Laqa & co and is the Sheer Lip Lube in Bees Knees.

As you can see it is a coral colour and it is okay but isn't really amazing and I prefer their normal pencils. I probably wouldn't buy it as I would prefer an orange lip to this coral.
This sample is worth £7..24.

So, there is my box this month and it is a nice with a great variety of products and I look forward to using the bath product and the hand cream as both smell like the sea and are really refreshing in this summer heat. I look forward to next month.

Additionally this month I also used my birchbox points and these are obtained when you sign up using a customer like mine then points when you review and when you get to a tenner you can buy things.
This month I used £20 of points and I got the items below.

I got these Korres cleansing wipes that were £7 each for the pound for a three and they look great to use on lazy nights or when I tired out from having Edward.
I look forward to using them.


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*while stocks last*

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