12 July 2014

Memebox special #7 milk

So, here is another Memebox, surprise, surprise. I think I am addicted!
This one is a great one though and is the Memebox Special #7 milk and contains seven full sized products.
I have already used three of the products and to be honest it all appeals, but what was in it?

The first item in the box is the Pure Smile Milk Mask Pack. According to the leaflet this is a mask to leave your face baby skin smooth and will also nourish the skin and smooth out uneven skintone.
I have used this mask today and I really like it and it smells amazing but to be honest even at $1 it is probably not something I would buy as it is just okay in my eyes and I have so many sheet masks to use I could use use one every day for a while.

The next item in the box is another Pure smile item and this is one of their Choosy Lip Packs and this one is in Milk. I have used one of these before as I used the one in the grapefruit box and really loved using it as it left my lips soft and kissable and I loved it so look forward to using this.
According to the leaflet this is rich in milk proteins and this will add moisture to your lips.
This is worth $1.

The next item is a familiar but unfamiliar product all wrapped into one.  I have had steam creams before in the advent calender at christmas but this one is different and is the Skin Ceramic Donkey Milk & Argan Oil Multi Steam Cream.
This is a moisturiser that is 100% organic argan oil and natural donkey milk and the donkey milk is supposed to more nutritious than cow or goats milk and therefore it will add more hydration to your skin and nutrients. It also has a whipped texture so will absorb more easily as well as quicker.
According to the leaflet this is worth $34.

The next item in the box is a cleanser which is always a hit with me. 
I have a lot of cleansers and this one is a great as I am loving products that contain milk as it is less likely that a product containing it will dry out my skin.
This is the Enesti Rice & Milk Foaming Cleanser in a 120ml size. According to the leaflet this contains rice and mice extracts and cleanses deep into the pores but still manages to deliver rich moisture and leaves your skin glowing with natural translucence.
This is worth $15 according to Memebox.

The next item is another item I have tried and this is the Pure Smile Choosy Lip Scrub Chamomile Milk.
This is a lip scrub that contains sugar, milk proteins, chamomile extract and bees wax and it is a really great product as it made my lips really soft and kissable. Just what I have always wanted and huge at 25g.
This has a price of $11 on the card.

The next item in the box is by Hello Everybody and it is the Bubble Bath Steam Milk in a 25g size.
I have used this product which contains almond oil, chamomile and rosemary leaf extracts and has a milk scent and to be honest adequate bubbles but isn't really amazing and it leaves skin softer but I am unlikely to use it again as I wasn't wowed by it as the smell quickly dissipated.
This has a price of $4 on the card and to me that seems expensive for what it is but is similar pricing to a small lush bath ballistic.

The final item is a body lotion and I haven't even unwrapped this product but I will use it eventually although I have a lot of products to use it.
This is the Hello Everybody Nature Holic Body Lotion Milk in a 300ml size and this is an all natural lotion that contains goats milk and is also rich in honey, aloe vera, lemon balm and spearmint extracts and will leave your skin smooth and soft according to the card.
This is worth $25.

So, there is my Memebox MIlk and to be honest it is right up there with the boxes that I most love. I will use it all and for $29.99 it is an amazing deal.


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