25 July 2014

Memebox burst of color 2

Okay, so this is my Memebox Burst of Color and before I get into the review I have to apologise as I have lost one item between doing my video and the review so I can't do a swatch or show you it. I will add basic details on it though at the end.

However, ignoring that, here is my Memebox Burst of Color review.

The first item in the box is by Sua Young and is the Mein Sua Young Mineral Essence in Liquid Foundation. I found this to be a very beige tone and it will never match my skin tone as it is too dark. I really think they should have put in a bb cream instead as it will match few people.
According to the card it is worth $34.

The next items in the box and are from Beauty People and are 2 of their 10 Seconds Auto Eye Liner pencil. These are full sized and I received the colours Diamond Burgundy and Diamond Natural Berry.These are creamy pencil eyeliners that don't feel harsh on the skin and give a good line. there are swatches below of these two.
According to the card they are worth $48 for the two but I don't think I would pay that.

The next item in the box is another Hope girl mascara. My third.
This is the wonder magic mascara and according to the card is three in one as it lengthens, volumises and curls. it looks interesting but is the third mascara by the brand and that means it will be a while until I use it.
This is worth $22 according to the card.

The next item is another Hope girl product and this is the 3D Powder Blusher 5g.This is a beautiful shade called 01 Sexy Rose and it is a pinky red with a small amount of shimmer. This has a velvety texture and is swatched below.
Sadly though I can't get the applicator to function right but once it does I will enjoy using it. 
According to the card this worth $18.

The next item in the box is by Y.E.T and is the Catgirl Waterproof Pen liner. This is a felt type eyeliner in black and didn't smudge and was fairly hard to remove.
This is worth $9 according to the card.

The next item in the box is by Ladykin and is their Close up Decuple Fitting Powder. This is a finishing powder to give a silky finish and is enriched with safflower seed oil and avocado oil that leaves skin moisturised.
this looks really nice and is worth $17.

The final item in the box is the item that I have lost and it is the Hope Girl Tinted Cushion Lipstick. This was an ok product but my lips are a dark pink colour so it was little difference in colour when I used their 03 Coral Pink Lipstick.
It was worth $12 according to the leaflet but nothing amazing to me. 

Here are the swatches from this box, on the left is the blusher, in the middle are the two lip pencils from Beauty People and the final one is the pen eye liner.

So, that was my burst of color box that wasn't very colourful.
It was okay but nothing special in my opinion.


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  1. I do adore pink blushers tho~ You are right, I do agree it isn't as color-filled as hoped. Great review x

    1. its a beautiful blush but me and that applicator are enemies i think. I love the slight shimmer