4 July 2014

July Memebox deals

I have just been given a link to give my readers 3 pts back on 9 boxes by buying those boxes through this link. 3pts will give you $3 off your next order or you can save them up.

These boxes are:
vitamin care
herbal cosmetics
burst of color 2
cooling care
collagen cosmetics
dermocosmetics 2
pore care 3
fermented cosmetics 2
at home

If you buy more than 1 you get the multiple of the 3 points rather than 3 pts per order too.
(to get the points you have to use the link above though)

Additionally if you spend over $100 you get $5 off by using this code: AFFILIATE-6188-DCM30-JRXE
Plus I have a new blog coupon code. 
Here is the Promo code- $3 off on any order for your subscribers, useful if ordering under $100, if not use one above: NXEPW7
* Please note that these promo code are limited to one time per customer.
* Valid date : July 1st ~ end of July

And another code  AFFILIATE-4024-E797H-JZNH to get $3 off bubble pop


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