14 July 2014

Memebox superbox #23 summer meeting

So my summer box from Memebox came this week and I was really looking forward to it as I thought it was going to be lots of suncare products but sadly it wasn't and I am a little disappointed. But what was it and was it worth the $32 plus $6.99 I paid for the box?

The first item in box is by CNKCOS and it is their Transformer Solution 1st 170ml + 2nd 30ml. This is a set of two bottles and you pour the smaller into the larger bottle then shake. together they form a gel that  is effective a aftersun as it will cool the skin if burnt by the skin or irritated.
According to the card it is full sized and worth $20.

The next item in the box is by borntree and is the Bloom Mineral Avenue Air Fit Sun CC 15g. This a Compact that holds a cc cream with a spf38 pa++.

As you can see this has a beautiful little puff and is a pale pink inside the reflective compact. The cc cream has a brown tone and a sweet perfumed tone but like most cc creams it will be great on my pale skin as it will blend out.
According to the leaflet this worth $21.

The next item in the box is by Hope Girl and is the Power Volume Mascara Waterproof 7g. I received a Hope girl mascara in the Office Essential so to me this isn't particularly interesting to me as the only difference I can see is that this is waterproof so not really interested.
According to the leaflet this is worth $22.

The next item is the W.Holic Glutathione Whitening Essence and it is in a 50ml size. This is a essence that will help your skin become smooth, soft and emit a natural glow.
This is full sized and worth $43.

The final item is the Finco UV Control Sun Block 60ml and this was the type of product I wanted from this box. This is a SPF50+PA+++ sun block with a light texture that is good for all skin types.
This is worth $54.

So, there is my Summer box that Memebox seemed to decide to changeto a summer meeting box. it was okay but when the description went up it sounded like it would be mainly suncare products. It is okay but I have had better, like the Milk, Oriental Medicine and Whole grain boxes.

On the bright side new scentboxes came out today,


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  1. Hey Jane great blog really enjoying your beauty and unboxing post. I love memeboxes and have been obsessed with them lately. Sorry to see that you didn't like this box it was one of my favorite and I wish I could reorder it lol

    1. Thankyou for your lovely comment. This box was okay but it started out as a summer box so I think I hoped it would be more spf. The borntree product is very nice though and in a way it makes up for a surprising box

  2. I haven't played to much with that BB Cream Compact yet but I'm loving the W.holic whitening Essence it's my all time fav.