5 July 2014

Memebox global #12

This box arrived a few days ago and is the most recent Global box for Memebox. The global boxes are the closest thing to a subscription that Memebox gets and costs $23.99 plus $6.99 p and p from Korea. These aren't themed and until October they are all shipped on the 24th of the month.
They are mix of products and are probably the best way to try Memebox, although the alternative to these are the luckyboxes, which are the best products from a range of past boxes, although if you are lucky, I wish I was, the luckyboxes may include the Dear by Enprani Bounce Cheese Cream.

Anyway back to my Memebox, this is Memebox global #12.

It was nicely full this month with a nice variety of products but what was in there?

The first item was probably one of the most unusual I have in that it is hair removal cream.
This is the Inter-cos Smooth Sensitive Removal Cream in a full size of 250ml.
According to the leaflet this is a spray type removal cream and can be used on even the most intimate areas. I have used Nair before as I tried it for Bzzagent and found it patchy so I am looking forward to trying this product out.
This has a price of $43 according to the leaflet.

The next item in the box has been particularly useful at the moment as my poor hair has been really dry from the summer heat and this seems to add moisture and is easy to use as it is a leave in product.
This is by Palan and is the Crysence Organic Essence. According to the leaflet it is a non greasy lotion that helps dry damaged hair and is made from natural ingredients and will be gentle and moisturising.
I really like it and the packaging looks sleek and high end.
According to the leaflet it is worth $72 and is full sized at 120ml.

The next item is another hair product and it is by Ryo and is the Anti-Hair Loss Treatment. 
According to the leaflet it is a treatment to prevent hair loss and also re energise your hair and strengthen it as well and is great for dry damaged hair so another great product in this hot summer weather.
This is a 50ml sample and is worth $3.

The next item is from the company that gave me my lavender oil in my hair and body v2 box. It is a L.vida Nail Polish in a 10ml size and you got a random colour. I got fashion blue which is a nice mid blue colour and is rather hard wearing. The polish also has a beautiful flower decoration.
This has a price of $7 on the card.

The next items are three sachets of Plagentra products and are the White mark lotion, cream and massage oil. These are nice enough but are foil sachets and have little product in them so it is hard to really gauge if I would buy a product from this size product.
According to the leaflet these will help with stretch marks, although to be honest I don't think stretch marks can be eradicated.

The next item in the box is from Plagentra too and is their White Mark Cream in a 15g size. This is a stretch mark cream that will help treat stretch marks and uneven skin tone according to the leaflet but as I said I am a bit dubious. This is worth $5.40.

The final item in the box is another item in the box that I have used in the last few days and it is the Banila Co. Claypatra Mineral Salt Clay Pack in a 12g size. 
I really like mud and clay masks and I have to admit I am not sure either way with this mask. It tingles but I am in love with Glamglow and although this is cheaper I would still rather go for Glamglow, especially as you need more of this per application than Glamglow as this is a thicker texture.
Seems nice enough though.
This is worth $2.52 but will do three applications for me so is cheap and cheerful at about 50p an application.

Ok, so that is my box 12 and I love the Palan essence and this alone pays for the box and I will definitely use most of the other items in the box too. Roll on box 13 I am waiting for you!


If anyone is interested I have wrote a post about the July Memebox deals for my blog readers here including free points when ordering boxes and a coupon code.

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