9 July 2014

Memebox oriental medicine

The second box I received this week is the Memebox Oriental Medicine. It arrived with my Whole grain box and is another good box with interesting products and yay no repeats for me.
But what was in it?

The first item in my box is by Shib Jang Ceng and it is the Chun Ji heung Hand Cream in a 80ml size.
According to the leaflet it is made from 110 year old wild ginseng extract, shea butter and olive oil. This means that it will soften hands and will be quickly absorbed into the skin. 
This has a price of $17 on the leaflet.

The next items in this box are two Donginbi products and they are the Donginbidam Red Ginseng Aqua Oil and the Red Ginseng Aqua Pack Essence and are both 5ml samples.
According to the leaflet Donginbi is a premium brand and these products both contain red ginseng which will soothe and lock in moisture and make your skin smoother and silkier.
According to the leaflet these are to be used in combination and you use the oil then the essence after your toner.
These samples work out at $27 for the two according to the leaflet.

The next items are two Korean Herb Masks by Purederm. I received the Jung-an Refining Mask and the Yoon-an Hydrating Mask, although they were randomly selected from four masks.
These are masks that include herb extracts and also high in vitamin E and collagen to help with moisture and oil balance in the skin.
These are worth $4 for the two.

The next item in the box is another serum which I am obsessed about as I find serums are really adding moisture to my skin and helping to stave off the effects of aging.
This is the D'RAN Wonder Serum and is full sized at 30ml.
According to the leaflet is a blend of 20 different medicinal herbs, such as gingseng, black hoof, mushrooms, licorice, portulaca and ganoderm, and delivers nutrients and moisture into the skin and helps with wrinkles and fine lines to give a revitalised and glowing complexion.
This is worth $30.

The last item in the oriental medicine box is a cc cream and these are another thing that I am loving about the Memeboxes as these creams are so pale and so am I and that is the issue that they are fixing for me as the British cc creams can be too dark for my skin at times.
Anyway, back to the product this is the Hanhui CC Cream in a 50ml size. 
According to the leaflet this cc cream is infused with extracts of cactus and red gingseng as well as containing galactomyces, which I detailed briefly in my whole grains box, and these help to give a healthy glow and make your skin smooth. 
It is also SPF50+PA+++ which is great for my skin that is prone to sunburn.
It has a price of $30 on the card.

So, there is my Memebox Oriental Medicine box. I really like these products and they all definitely be used and will fit in well into my life. I particularly like the serums and essence and oil as I love these types of products and the cc cream will also be useful in this hot summer weather.
Now to wait for my next boxes which are the Summer Box and the milk box.


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