28 January 2015

Nerdblock Classic january 2015

The final box I need to review from this month's subscription boxes so far is my Nerdblock Classic. Nerd block is a monthly subscription of nerdy geeky products and it also always has a T-shirt inside it, sometimes two.
I find that this box is good or bad depending on the month and we mainly get it so my husband can have the T-shirt but we have so many T-shirts now that we don't need any more. 
So this will be my last box for a while.

So this month is probably my least favourite box for a  while so sadly I am not going out from this sub on a bang and instead it's going out on a whimper.
Here are the contents of the January 2015 box.

The first item in the box seems to be a decision maker. Flipping the item over there is a dartboard on the back. 
To be honest it is not an item I get excited about but I suppose I could use it as a mouse mat.

Second item in the box is  a Doctor Who item and it is a sonic screwdriver T-shirt and I am not sure why but I seem to have been fitted men's T-shirt instead of having the unisex T-shirt which is the tshirt that I normally pick out.
I do like the nerd block t shirts though because they are good quality but to be honest we have so many and that is one of reasons why this will be my last box.
But this is a nice T-shirt to leave the sub on.

The next item in the box is my favourite item and it is these scatterbrainz seriously sticky deranged darts and in the box I received three darts and a target and these are made by scatterbrains toys. 
To be honest these remind me of the little balls that I had as a child that were really sticky and used to stick to the walls and ceiling when I was in junior school.
But, maybe that is just how old I am that these things were in fashion when I was a child.

These elf ears are probably something I would not buy for myself. They are a nerdblock exclusive and seem to stick onto your own ears giving you the extra point on your ears so you look like an elf.

The next item in the box is probably my second favourite item in the box after the darts. This is a Gandalf staff pen and bookmark. A pen will always be a useful item in this house as I always lose them.
This is a nice item and not something I would purchase myself so I will enjoy using it.

The next item is the item that Edward is trying to steal this month. This is a grumpy cat cuddly toy and in my opinion is a bit of an odd addition to a space related box. 
Personally I wonder if it's an extra from Junior box possibly the female junior box and that is why we have ended up with them in the classic box.
Possibly not but could be the case.

We also have a movie cell in the box. This is a Star Wars movie cell from episode five the Empire strikes back and is a Lucasfilm Ltd cell.
Not Really my type of thing but I think Paul will enjoy it.

The final item in the box this month is a comic and it a is a Star Wars and planet of the apes primate objective comic.
Another item that is not  really my thing but Paul will enjoy it.

So there is my January 2015 nerdblock and for me it is a meh box a this is not a box I would rush out to buy if they ever restocked the boxes. It is really a mish mash of items this month for me. 
The darts and probably the pen are my favourites items. 
I will give the grumpy cat to Edward and the rest will be given to Paul who likes Stars Wars and Star Trek.

Instead of this box for the next few months I will be trying some kawaii Boxes.


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