9 January 2015

Day 19 Advent Calendars

Sorry, this is a little late but this will be the first of my updates on the advent calendars. I will return where I left off when I exited and then sum up each one as I did actually originally purchase all five to assess value for money.
Here is day 19 though.

Yankee Candle Advent Calendar
A green tea light which smells of pine trees and christmas in the most green sense of the word. Not a scent I would choose but I will use this tealight.

The body shop advent calendar
Honeymania lip balm 10ml
This is a full sized lip balm from their honeymania range and has a waxy texture with only a slight scent. 
It has a sugary taste and lasts wll on the lips and especially great at the moment as the illness has really taken any moisture from my lips, as well as the cold weather, so this is particularly useful.
A great item and as I love the body shop lipbalms I will definitely use it.

Youbeauty discovery advent calendar
The Porefessional 7.5ml
I have a lot of these samples of this product and to be honest it doesn't really thrill me as I don't like how it feels on my skin.
Add to that I have lots of other primers I want to try/ prefer over this one and I am not sure if I will use it.

No.7 advent calendar
Nail Effect Disco Ball 4ml
This is a glitter nail varnish which can be used alone or over a colour. I really like it and can't resist trying it on when I see it. The nail varnish is great with densely packed glitter with the only downside being that if you knock it too much it peels the whole nail off when you ding it.

Benefit advent Calendar
2014 Advent Polka Dots Hair Tie  
I am not a fan of the accessories in the benefit advent calendar and although this will be used it isn't filling me with all the joys of spring. 
I would much prefer a beauty product to be honest.

The day 19 advent calendar selections don't overwhelm me but I will use them all.
My preferences are:
1.The Body Shop
2. No.7
3. Yankee candles
4. Youbeautydiscovery
5. Benefit

So, there are my day 19 advent calendar goodies. I willl be back with 20 soon. 
Sorry for delay.

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